Monday, July 7, 2014

Challenges and Growth

June 16th Letter

Hi Family! :)

Estefanía didn´t get baptized :( Yeah that has pretty much been on my mind these past few days so I want to talk about that first. She is so so so prepared and so special but she can´t be baptized :( We went to her house on Saturday to teach her and her boyfriend. It was a really powerful and spiritual lesson about the importance of chastity! :) The only problem was that The spirit was working well with Estefanía but with the boyfriend he wouldn´t listen to the spirit! We asked the question, "What do you need to do to live this improtant principle from our Heavenly Father?" Estefanía answered first, "I need to find a place to live so we can prepare to be an eternal family. I want to be baptized and preapre to go to the temple with him:)" Super powerful! He felt the opposite. He felt like we were trying to seperate them even though it was Estefanía who gave the answer to not live together. It is super tough :( He won´t let her leave.... UGH!!

I saw and see how the Lord is challenging her and strengthening her. He is waiting for her to make the decision through her own strengths. I know she is going to be a leader and her conversion is so important. I think that is how it is with all of us. We are pushed to the point where we WILL break, unless we rely on the lord and follow the revelation we receive. The mission is great :))

Also this week I recieved my International license. :D I am driving stick shift baby! Dreams do come true!
This week really wan´t the best one :( We lost all of our baptismal dates because of marriage problems. NO ONE IS MARRIED! I would definitely call that a problem ha. Also we only had 17 people in church! Last week we had 40! WHERE DO THEY ALL GO? It was very sad as I played the piano, helped with the sacrament, gave a talk and then said the closing prayer. Oh and our President had to leave halfway through the meetings so I was presiding :D I Didn´t think that would ever happen haha. But now I am really excited for this week because we are loaded with a ton of stuff to improve on and help with :)

My mind is all over the place but I am loving every day of the Mish:) 
Prayers are powerful. We have a Heavenly Father who has valuable advice for us. He weill help us with our needs and will help us become worthy children of Him. 
Love elder  Powell 

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