Monday, July 28, 2014

July 14, 2014 Dreams/Baptism/Confirmation/Priesthood/Temple!!!!

Hello family!! :) This week was great!! I love it here! How are you all doing? :)

Ok so lets start with wednesday! We travelled to malaga with our whole zone in train to malaga for a zone conference. It was super fun to travel with everyone. The theme was 2 times in white so everyone was wearing white ties and white dresses. It was sweet! We learned about envisioning the people we teach and see in white to be baptized but also envisioning them in the temple. I loved it. Also, I slept with the missionaries in my old area! Everytime I have been back to Malaga i never really got to go to my part of the city where I worked. So I finally got to be back in my first area for the first time in a year! It felt great :)
So we get back to our area and we teach Rosi the Armenian girl. Just a little back story: we taught her right before we left for our conference in Malaga and see didn´t want to prepare for baptism anymore and she was a little skeptical. So we invited her to pray and she would receive an answer....

So we get back from the conference and we ask "well... did you pray?" "Yep." She said.
"And.... did you receive an answer" We asked
It was very nerve racking.
And I bet right now you want to know what she said... right :)
She kneeled down the night we left for malaga and prayed first to know if god really existed. she waited but notheing happened. So she went to bed but awoke in the early morning with the urge to pray. She said she felt something really weird. So she prayed again but with more fervency. "God, if you exist give me some kind of sign, a dream would work, just something." She didn´t feel anything... :( So she went back to sleep. And get this. She had a dream!!!! :D It was like a personal vision of the tree of life. But it was super exciting to hear her tell us :) 
She came to church and is now super involved. she accepted the word of wisdom and the law of chastity. She is 17. The funny thing is that she told us she knows that she needs to be baptized, but she doesn´t know in what church haha. but we are workin on it. She is amazing! 
The locutorio is closing as I speak!! Ahh. We also had a baptism it was one of the best services I have been in. His aunt and brother came of Carlos! They both want to hear the missionaries now! We are super excited! Then on sunday i confirmed him and he received the preisthood! He is doing great!! He then got his recommend and is going to the temple with the branch this saturday! Craziness. Miracles! Alcazar is awessome! 
I love the mish!
Elder Powell

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