Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Short today. Sorry

Hi mom So the first thing I looked at today was your awesome slide show of your cruise and I wanted to do the same thing! Then I realized that it takes forever to upload fotos so I just sent a two. But here is our adventure in the.....

Me and my companion up in the snow. Yep! Totally snowing!!
Inline image 4

Me and my companion from a "ground view." (We didn´t have access to planes with the snow and all)

Inline image 5

We had a great time up in the mountains and we celebrated our 4 week anniversary as a companionship with Elder Sykes and my 15 month mark on the mission! Great times!

This week was awesome and It flew by as usual! We set another baptismal date with the son of one of our less actives. We are super excited for him. We also found this miracle girl as we were rushing out of a building. It was one of those moments where my body just stopped and I asked her if she had seen missionaries like us before. She said yeah and told us what floor she lived on and that we could pass by. We later passed by in the week and she is golden. She told us of the peace that she was feeling as we taught and when we presented the Book of Mormon she basically took it from our hands so she could read it!

We also had stake conference and Elder Ballard gave a broadcast to the countries of Spain and Portugal along with the area presidency of Europe! 

Then today we went to the mountains. It literally took all P-Day So I have to go now.
But the mission is still awesome. It is still stretching me every day and I love it!! :)
Love you Family :)