Thursday, June 12, 2014

June 5 - NO TIME

I forgot to post this short little letter from Josh.

Hi mom and dad and brothers and sisters (you count tori) and family and others :)

There is no time to write this week. Sorry!!! 

Since Friday I have been in my area for about a day and a half :( But things are going awesome!! We had a baptism on Sunday! we then had Jedi Counsel, like Alisa likes to say haha. That was on monday and tuesday in Malaga. then I went on exchanges For wednesday and that night I got back in time for another baptism we had in Alcázar. :) Today we then went early to pick up president for interviews in Ciudad real. This is a weird week :/ And tomorrow we have zone conference! :D 

I will write more on monday!! :)

The Mission is the best! It only gets better and better :)

Love Elder Powell

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