Monday, July 28, 2014

July 21, 2014 More Miracles!

Hello family! How is everyone!?
When it is 105 degrees here we try to be in the water as much as we can.............. baptizing ;) haha
Today we went to a national park called Las Tablas de Daimel. It was like this huge grassy marsh land with board walks running through the whole place. It was so cool and fun. But I got sunburned :(
Anyway, we had ANOTHER week of miracles! :) Let me share one of them.
On Saturday we were heading home for media dia when we felt we needed to pass by a reference. We had recieved this reference about 3 months ago but we were never able to pass by. As we knocked the door a head popped out of the second story window. It was a boy named Yadil who said, "Finally! Hold on one second." He came down, opened the door and said come on in. Elder Peroni and I just looked at eachother with that shocked expression as we were excited to see another miracle :) He had met our recent convert Carlos a few days ago and wanted to meet with us because of the change he saw in Carlos. But we didn´t know it was the same person as the reference we had received three months ago. 
He told us he had missed his bus last night to move to Murcia and that he was going to leave that same day. We had come by at the perfect time! So we teach him and his father who accept our message and wants to hear more, and he wants his mother to receive the lessons in Murcia. Then, Yadil says, "Since I´m heading out tonight I am going to invite all of my friends over to get to know you before I leave." To make it short He invited over 10 friends who we got to know, teach and then recieve all of their information to teach them this week. 10 friends means 10 FAMILIES!! It was amazing.
The Lord can do anything!

Also on Saturday Carlos and Maida went to the temple!!! I love just writing it! They both loved it! I think I was more excited for them then they were but it was just great :) There were 27 members who all got on a bus at the church and spent the whole day there. Super cool.
Rosi didn´t come to church, she was sick :( But evrything else is progressing well. This is the Lords work.
Love you all! The Mission truly is the best.
Love, Elder Powell

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