Monday, July 7, 2014

June 23 - I can't believe it!!!

Hi family! So she did it! Estefanía moved out! She was baptized two days later :D

It was awesome. We Went to her house and she was a little sad during the lesson when all of sudden she was like, "Wait, I can live with the mom of my boyfriend!" It is kind of a weird thought haha but that´s what she did. she was super happy. The next day she was intervied and then the next day she was baptized. Super fuerte :D

This week was awesome! We taught a super powerful lesson with this 22 year old colombian and he is going to be baptized in a month. My comp is a convert as of 5 years ago and it reminded him exactly of himself when the missionaries asked him to be baptized. So Carlos finished by giving a super powerful prayer and then we did something super weird but super awesome. We asked carlos if we could record what had just happened. So we set up my camera. We watched the last 2 minutes of the restauration and we taught him and invited him to be baptized on the 12th of July. Super awesome. So I now have a lesson recorded for you to watch of someone accepting baptism :)

Right after we had a branch picnic in the park! It was super fun. Water balloon wars, Ping Pong, Soccer and Nature. It was great. Carlos was super strengthened by all the youth too. :) 

Also I don´t know if I told you but the first family that got baptized in Malaga have been sealed in the temple! :D I think I did but my old comp was asking me if they had been so I thought I would make sure you knew too :) It was the greatest feeling when I heard! Also Francheska from Granada went to the temple for the first time and is planning on serving a mission! I knew lots of good things would come after a hard week last week :)

The mission is the greatest! I love you all! See you soon
Elder Powell

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