Thursday, March 13, 2014


Hello family! This week has been one of the most awesome weeks in my Entire mission!!
Yeah. that good. :) 
Well it actually started out really hard because we don´t have a lot of investigators right now so we are contacting a lot. But we will be finding a ton really soon. We just need to stay faithful and keep working really hard! People will come :)
This week though I was able to do an intercambio in Motril to interview someone for a baptism. I think I have told you about Motril but it is like a tropical paradise! Anyway the interview went really well and it feels so good to see and talk to someone who is about to be baptized. As part of the intercambio I got to stay there for her baptism!

Inline image 1
Yes, she got baptized in the Mediterranean Sea!! It was flippin awesome! :) The sea was perfect and it was so calm. When she was baptized you could just feel the joy and afterwards you could tell she felt clean. Just in the way she acted it was prominent..
We also took a ton of pictures! But here is one of them :)

Inline image 2
I still like pushing the limits ;)
On Sunday Franchesca came to church again and she loves it. The ward has just taken her in so well. On the way home we were walking with her and she told us, "Well I´m set on being baptized. I told my mom and she feels happy for me. So I´d like one of you to baptize me, is that ok? "
Elder Sykes just looked at me and then we both said that is great! We are so happy! We then talked to her about her baptism and everything is planned out. She is such a good Girl! So ready and prepared for the Gospel :) 
Just a really good week filled with good news. Oh we also had a baptism in our ward on sunday. So thursday I had an interview. Friday, baptism on the beach. Saturday, another interview. Sunday, more awesome news from Franchesca and then a baptism that night!! So awesome!
This week I have seen the power of the Spirit! The way it teaches. The way it comforts. The way it reprimands and disciplines. And every time I saw or felt this it was after something so simple. Like a testimony. A prayer. Or someone giving direction. The Holy ghost is something that we should always live worthily to have. It is one of the greatest gifts of God. It´s ability to cleanse is real! As we keep our lives in order and strive to live the Gospel it will be our constant companion.
I love the mission! I love being a missionary of Christ! I Just love it.
Elder Powell (Almost an uncle)

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