Monday, March 3, 2014

Feb 17th - Wonderfully Hard

Hello family :)
Yeah sorry about last week mom. I really was planning on writing you but then dad and I got carried away so today I am writing to you guys first! But that doesn´t mean it is going to be twice as long or anything like that haha :)

This week I titled my letter ¨Wonderfully Hard¨ because we saw the miracles that come during hard times in the work. We have come to a point where we have very few people to visit so we have very few plans. Normally you have 3 or 4 plans every hour but we had 1 plan (if you could call it that) every hour. Fun right! We spent a lot of time praying and searching and we saw the hand of the lord. Any time we taught or something failed we would find someone new to teach! While we were in the street we talked to people who were ready to here the gospel and were willing to listen to us. A week that normally would have been hard was personally rewarding. It was still flippin hard!! but it ended up being a good week :)

Lately I have been reading in Jesus the Christ and I am learning so much about the personal ministry of Jesus christ but, I am learning more about the trust he gave to his disciples! The trust he gives ME. I have a strong testimony of the reality that Christ lives and the importance of His Gospel for us. I love being able to testify of that! Jesus Christ has restored his gospel for YOU. That you can live with your families and Father in Heaven eternally. You can find comfort in trials, rest when you are tired, peace in tumultuous times, happiness when you are surrounded by doubt. This is his message! Matthew 11:29-30. Well, part of his message :)
It is so great to be able to share it every day! I am a missionary. I will work as a disciple to proclaim this gospel. I will stand when others will not. Sin is imprisoning while repentance is liberating. Doubt is darkness while faith is pure brightness. I love to be a missionary and I know that everyone can know of the truthfullness of the gospel through prayer to our heavenly father and Dilligent Study of the scriptures in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
Well I will talk to you all next week :) It is the start of a new transfer and I am super excited!
The mission is the Greatest.
Love, Elder Powell.

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