Monday, March 3, 2014

Feb 24th - An Uncle ?!?

Hello family!!
I am writing this letter so you can Stop Jared and Tori from from doing anything else important until I get home ok! :)

But I am going to be an uncle! That is so awesome! If it is a girl she should be named  and if it is a boy he should be named

Anyway this week was transfers week and everything stayed the same. So I am still in granada and I am with Elder Sykes. This past week we have been doing good with finding but we didn´t have a lot of lessons. That was a bummer :( But our number 1 investigator came to church and is doing awesome. She is 22 and from Colombia! We really need more young adults in our ward so this is going to be great to work with her. Franchesca is her name. We are also working with a ton of brazillians right now... and two cubans! I am super excited! I love cubans! 

Oh and my ward mission leader from malaga wrote me this. It is for you mom and dad :)
¨Por favor cuando le escribas a tus padres, diles de mi parte (tu padre español) que gracias por haberte dado la vida, por haberte enseñado el evangelio, por ayudarte a servir una misión por hacer de ti uno de los grandes siervos del Señor. ¨
He is a great guy and I call him my spanish father :P He was one of the first members I met here in spain and he is awesome. 

The concert on Friday was great. It was mainly a whole lot of senors that were actually really interested in the Book of Mormon and other stuff, and we handed out a lot of things afterwards. It was awesome because we talked to a member the day after and they said they were getting on a bus when they saw all these people with book of mormons and pamphlets on the bus. They said it must have been a success. The only thing is that they were all about 70 years old or older.
 As some of them were leaving they told us how nice we were and some of them even said to Elder Sykes and I that they wished we were their grandchildren. We just smiled and laughed along with them. But I really just wanted to tell them it would be okay if they fed us as if we were their grandchildren.

But this week I was reminded through the scriptures of how truly blessed we are to be in the church and to know of the true gospel of Christ. As a missoinary you really get to see of how people´s lives are affected negatively by sin. The blessing obedience to the gospel and the commandments truly brings happiness to the lives of those whole live them. The gospel is something that has been given to us out of love by our Heavenly Father for our happiness. We must study the scriptures to remember that and to know what we must do in this life, otherwise we forget those things and are more prone to slip into sin. The truth of the gospel truly is eternal life and happiness, and there is no other way. It is light, life, and love to all those that accept and live it. I would just like to invite to live the gospel and listen to the words of King Benjamin, who asked us to consider the ´´happy and blessed state of those who keep the commandments.´´ 
This spiritual thought is from my companion but I also Testfy the same!
It is great to be a missionary in Spain! I love you guys!
Love, Elder Powell (Future Uncle)

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