Monday, March 3, 2014


Hello greatest family in the World! :)

Well this week was incredibly awesome! It is so good to here that everyone is doing well! :D I am doing great here in Granada too. Lots of cold freezing rain..... but I love it!

Our Investigator is doing so well. Franchesca came to church for the second time and we are going to go teach her again tonight. She is so binded to all of the young adults and that is helping a ton! She was in Malaga on Saturday visiting her family and she said she was awake until 2 in the morning thinking and worrying about how she was going to be able to come to church! She came straight from her trip to church. She is awesome! So prepared and succeptible to the spirit. :) She is getting baptized on the 15th or 22nd. It depends on her schedule. Ahh it so great!
We also found MORE Cubans! I swear we are like magnetized to them. I think it is just because they are so prepared. They don´t have any stable religion but just a strong belief in God. In our first lesson with Yuleydis and Elida we taught them how to pray. It was so rewrding to see their reactions as they felt the spirit and the love of God as they listened to us. As we finished Yuleydis promised us that she was going to learn how to pray! Such sincerity and innocence, it was incredibe. They are about 35 years old. We are relly happy to be able to teach them.
We also had interviews this week with President Deere. Good experience as well. I love how he is so focused on Christ and that helped me to do the same. Sometimes I get caught up in all the things that I need to do and teach and remember but it helped me to just go back to the basics and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He taught me a few things about Christ and his growth. He taught me how Christ passed through the Veil as well as us. But through his obedience and dilligence he was able to regain his knowledge and ¨remember.¨ We know that Christ was the Son of God and was sent to this earth for one purpose as a perfect person obviously but we can learn or ¨remember¨what we have learned before. The process is through dilligence and obedience. As we Diligently obey and seek to follow Jesus Christ we wil become more like him. We will become pure of heart. Meek. Kind. Charitable. Loving. So much other things. But obedience is the First law in Heaven (PMG).  
This is the work of the Lord. I see miracles every day. I feel the Spirit every day. I learn every day. I cry every day.... ok that last one is not true. But through the Gospel we are changed and humbled to be as Christ was.... Obedient to the Father.
I love the mission!! Stay obedient and diligent in all things. Blessings will come. Challenges will also come to try our faith. But NEVER doubt. This IS the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is alot closer to us than we think and very close to President Monson. In the name of Jesus Christ amen.
All is well in Zion.
Elder Powell

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