Monday, March 31, 2014

Baptism!!! ;D

Hi Family! 
Well spring has started with an awesome rainbow! We were blessed with the baptism of Francheska! It was so great! We started the week though going around teaching and inviting a lot of people to her baptism and she came with us to teach and invite. It was incredible Everyone she invited came and everyone we invited.... didn´t.... but at least It strengthened my testimony on the power of an invitation from a member or future member. :) Friends, members and investigators were there to support her and it was just a great service. This was only the second time I have baptized but the feelings were incredible as the first. There was such a powerful feeling of fire and peace and love and forgiveness. Baptism is a real covenant that we make with our Heavenly Father and I could feel and see the power of the atonement leading up to her batism. She was confirmed on Sunday and is a great example to everyone.
Afterwards she bore her testimony with power and boldly invited everyone there at the baptism to open there hearts, listen to the misisonaries and follow the example of Christ to find peace and happiness. It was great! She really is a miracle.
We also went bowling as a district and it was crazy fun! I got the high score so that felt good haha ;) But it was just good to be together as a district to have fun as missionaries but also work hard during the week in unity! That guy in the american shirt was one of my first zone leaders and is going home next week. That is pretty crazy! He is a great missionary.
Anyway, this week I have been focusing on studying with the spirit. I have been kind of slacking off with my studies and I needed to get better to have the spirit more and to know what to say to our investigators. There is a difference between studying and studying with the spirit. As we study with purpose and follow the spirit in our studies we receive more revelation. The things we read in the scriptures as we study will be applied to us through the spirit. and the Spirit will reveal to us our answers that we are looking for. It was kind of interesting because I have read the first five chapters of nephi in the past five days and I have received answers for things about geneology, temple work, missionary work, the power of the priesthood, the holy ghost and just everything that was needed for the people that we have been teaching.
I know that this is the work of the Lord. I am a witness to it. I could never do what I am doing right now without the help of the Lord.  Our Heavenly Father is aware of us and our needs. He is all powerful and all knowing. I hope everyone can feel of his divinity and know of the truthfullness of this gospel through their own actions. Study and Share the gospel. It´s the best! :)
The mission is great and still bookin´ like always! Lots to do and lots of smiles.
Love, Elder Powell

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