Monday, September 30, 2013

Hey hey hey :)

Hello Family! Thanks for the Birthday package! It was Awesome! 

This week has been crazy! Legitimately crazy. Now I say this because there was a ton of travelling and stuff, but we also met three crazy people haha! :)

So the week started with the castle. Awesome stuff. Then we did splits in alicante until tuesday.
Tuesday we had a multi zone conference in Murcia with the Mission President and that was amazing. We talked a lot about finding and working with the members like always but he also talked about dedication and sanctifying ourselves. He shared the story of the rich man and how the rich man asked christ what more he could do, and christ told him to give up everything and follow him. 

President then asked a really simple question to us, "What would we sacrifice to follow christ?" Would I really sacrifice everything? Would I sacrifice my belongings? Would I sacrifice my pride? My life?....... Would I sacrifice my sins?

That last question I love! It is our choice to give up our sins so that we can become perfected in Christ. That is my Question to you.
WHAT WOULD YOU SACRIFICE FOR CHRIST? He sacrificed everything.

   The stake president also talked to us about goals and doing everything with a purpose. That's all I´m going to say haha. Goals are important :)
We then came back and had another splits in Alicante.

Thursday we met A crazy person! Woo :D He pretty much was super drunk, and called us devils and that we earned ten percent of the money that all the members payed in spain. And he tried casting spirits out of us which wasn´t good. I felt a little weird when he started doing that. So we just testified that we were representatives of Jesus Christ and left.

Oh that was my Birthday!! I had an awesome eating cita with cake and candles and good food.  Also lots of missionaries were just calling me all day to wish me happy birthday.

Friday I went to Crevillente to do splits again! Its about an hour away. But While I was there we then travelled to a smaller town that was part of the area which was another hour away. I just felt super tired haha. 
And then when I finally got back to alicante, we were on the way back to the piso when another drunk crazy guy told us we needed to do more with our life, and that we were dedicating our lives to blasphemy and should go back to our country. That was like the last straw of exhaustion. But then a scripture came into my mind. I don´t remember where it is or even the exact words, but it talks about the feelings of peace when are persecuted because that is how the prophets of old were treated. i think it is in doctrine and covenants.

But that one scripture helped me with my question that started the week. What would I sacrifice for Christ? 

The mission is the greatest! I love you guys! I am going to go sleep now haha :)
Love Elder Powell

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