Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Letter :)

Hey, I did send you a email! It was just kind of short. :P Did you get it ?

Ok that is crazy what happened in draper! Defcon 3 haha :) but I love our family though! 

This week has been pretty awesome! We found two families this week! Families are very rare and we found two in one week. One is a part member family that moved from france! The dad served a mission in tahiti and the wife is super anti mormon.... It´s great. They also have two kids and we get along super well. I love ém :) All of them are getting baptized. I know it!! 

A little story about our last lesson with the mom. She is intelligent. Like super intelligent!! She has read every volume of practically every book that has to do with the church. She was quoting things from volume 8 de la historia de la iglesia, page blah blah. She gave it to us! But she is still getting baptized. She is ready :)

Also we found this recent convert that was some how lost with transfers and she has three kids! School is starting and there is no way for them to escape bwah haha. But they are super good. We also have a couple getting married this or next week. They have a fecha for the 21st :) 

Also there is this other girl we met and she was a miracle! She agreed to be baptized on the first lesson. The spirit was so powerful! My testimony of the restauracion and joseph smith are so powerful and unshakeable! She has been having exams for her summer school though so we don´t have a lot of time to teach her :/
Update on victoria.... we are teaching her tomorrow.

So that was what happened for the three days i was in my area!

The other four days I spent in malaga for the missionary counsel and on splits in alcoy!

Malaga was super awesome! On the way there we drove through this hail storm where the ice was the size of marbles. It was the loudest thing ever. It was like driving through a shooting range. Luckily we were in a huge bus so it didn´t do alot of damage but the other cars were all stopped under overpasses for protection haha, :)
At the mission counsel we planned for this month so we can get 100 baptisms in september! I think I told you about the 555 news in one week so now we are going to baptize 100 of them :) I am super excited. 

I then worked the night in malaga with my hijo elder Buckway! that was fun! But he is having a rough time there :/ It was strange because he hasn´t really progressed much. He and his companion don´t get along very well :(

Afterwards We travelled 8 hours back to alicante and then I traveled another hour and a half to alcoy to do intercambios. And oh my gosh! Let me tell you about alcoy! It is like a miniature park city! This awesome mountain town with huge green mountains and it was cold and it was just great! It was like heaven :) Unfortunately my camera was dead. While I was there i did a baptismal interview and it was amazing! This guy had turned his life around and was so motivated! It was funny because we taught his family after the interview and I invited all of them to be baptized and they said they didn´t know if it was right yet. Then Ivan (the guy getting baptized) said to me, "Don´t worry, after they see my baptism they will want this." It was so hilarious. 
He had his baptism yesterday and 1 cousin accepted baptism for next week and his mom is going back to ecuador to get married so she can get baptized. :P Super awesome.

This week I have learned the power of goals. I have set goals with the lord through prayer and it is so much easier to follow through and work on my goals. I feel so motivated and I have purpose. I know that this time is so crucial and I plan on taking advantage of it. Set goals and then tell the Lord about them. Its the best :)

Um... yep. I´m doing awesome! The mission is great! Oh we also got transfer calls.... 8 of the companionships in our zone are now training!! There are 33 news coming and i´m hoping one of the 8 will be Elder HIll :) That would be awesome!
I love you all. I love my mission! Talk to ya next week. 
Elder Powell

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