Monday, September 16, 2013

Zone Week

um hi :) 
This week has been great! it has been a little harder than normal because we lost a lot of investigators. Ok not alot but it has just been alot of change in our investigators. It wasn´t what we were expecting, pero vamos a ver. I don´t understand how there is so much to do and we can get it all done! 

Miracle of the week! Sunday we had like record numbers in the church. Normally we have about 90 to 105. On sunday we had 133 people in church!! We had 6 investigators in church and it was amazing! the ward has been supporting us so much and we have been working with the ward so much. The members have such good intentions and the leaders are super strong! we have seen a ton of growth and I have to admit it is a lot easier to work with a ward when they are accepting. :P

Spiritual thought. Being worthy of the Spirit. I have probably said this alot in my letters but it is something that I had hardly any experience with before the mission and now it is literally my guide. This spiritual gift that has been given to us is one of the most special gifts we have. It plays so many roles in all aspects of our life. Spiritually, emotionally, physically, and mentally. the more we keep ourselves worthy andopen to the spirit, the more we complete our purpose on this earth. To prepare ourselves to stand before and dwell with god (Alma 34:32) Any growth that I have seen in myself or with others have been through the spirit. It should be our companion at all times. I´d recommend on strengthening that relationship. As you do you will be strengthened, comforted, enlightened and will recieve the answers to your prayers. God is our loving heavenly Father and has given us something Precious. How will we show god our love in return? :)

I love the mission. It is the greatest! i miss you guys a ton.
Love Elder Powell

Oh yeah. I also went to Elche! Ton of palm trees. Look it up :P

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