Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Hey family :) 
Imagaine dragons.... Wow. That is just so great for you.... together.... with out me.... wahh
Hahaha just kidding :) That is awesome you guys saw them though.

This week, lets see. 
General conference! I haven´t seen the last session yet but I think the first session was my favorite by far. Soo good!!! i was taught alot by the spirit in the first discourse by Elder Hales. I leaned so much about revelation and I loved it!! Ahh it was the best. :) 
Elder Dube! What an awesome Man! 
And Uchtdorf... That was some pretty powerful stuff.

As far as the work goes we have 4 fechas right now! It is awesome to see them progressing and working towards baptism.

We had mission counsel this week and President Deere also shared with us about revelation and how he receives it. That was really cool.
I think I am going to focus on that in this letter. REVELATION.
There were four things that stuck out to me.
The first is that when we receive revelation and when the spirit speaks it is a voice unica. It is something specific that you WILL be able to recognize as you focus yourself.
Prayer is crucial.Always start with prayer to let your heavenly father what you are focusing on or wanting to receive.
Revelation isn´t Passive.  this point includes alot of stuff. We need to study out our questions, meditate it, write it out, ask the lord, wait, receive (Yes, we will receive), thank the lord, write down the revelation and then act on it.
And lastly, being spiritually autosufficient . I haven´t figured out fully this point yet, but we need to rely on our own knowledge of things that we have learned and received.

I know our Heavenly Father is waiting to teach you. He will teach you so much if you are willing to learn. :)
I love the spirit. I love the Lord. I love the mission. :)
Elder Powell

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