Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Hi Family! Thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes and cards and packages. This week has been awesome! We did a lot and saw a lot of success. I am still learning a ton and I love it! I was able to do intercambios this week with a great missionary. I really love intercambios because you can see how they work, you can help them improve and I always learn a lot from them. We just did it here in Alicante but we had a good time. 
Together we found, taught and did the great work, known as missionary work :) 

Today we got to go to the castle and it was Amazing! The malaga castle was a lot prettier but that´s ok. It was still fun :) 

Sorry I don´t have a lot of time because the castle took a long time to do but there was a great topic I studied this week. I read in Alma 32 about humility. It talks about those that had built the sinagogues and then were kicked out and had know place to worship. They then went to the prophet to ask what they should do. The prophet opened their understanding on other ways they could worship and how this trial had helped them to humble themselves before god. Really, there is a ton you can learn from these first 20 verses but it just reminded me of the necessity to humble ourselves before god. Humility makes it so that we are moldeable in gods hands. I am learning how to be humble before god so that I can do his will.

Last week I talked about being worthy of the spirit and humility is one of the best ways to do it. We can be humble by repenting, obeying the commandments, serving others, sacrificing time and belongings, praying, and much more. 

Got to love the scriptures right! there are so many attributes to work on. :) Ah I love it. 
The mission is the greatest! We found a great part member Family that I already love like my own family! Their two sons 12 and 14 want to get baptized. It is just awesome!
Love Elder Powell

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