Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Mission :)

Hi family! :D

This week was awesome!! It was just like any other week but it was awesome :)

First things first! We had 3 baptisms this week in our ward! None of them were Elder buckways and mine but it was still a great experience. We were trying to have 4 all on the same day but one of our investigators didn´t come to church so he is getting baptized this thursday since he just came to church yesterday! Which I am also stoked about!! :D But it was the greatest. Last week I had an interview for pepe. The spanish guy in the middle of the photo who looks like he just saw santa with how big his smile is. I watched him progress so much these past months and he didn´t pass his interview for a few things. but then I interviewed him again this week and it was amazing how firmly the spirit confirmed that he should be baptized :) The Nigerian, Emmanuel, was a guy Elder Jones and I found 4 months ago! and then the area split so the other Elders started teaching him..... but it was great to do his final interview. :) He only speaks English but he is pretty confident that he will have the gift of tongues since he received the gift of the Holy Ghost. It was so hillarious because I told him he needed to be there sunday to receive the Holy ghost. He said, "Of course I will be there! How Else am I going to learn this language if I don´t have the spirit. :)The cuban lady, Lilia, is just the sweetest lady ever. Not much more to say.
Anyway it was one of the strongest spiritual services I have been in for a long time. It was so powerful. Elder Cort├ęs baptized all three of them and he said he felt like john the baptist. :D Ahh baptisms are the greatest.

This past week I learned a lot about following and recognizing the spirit! I really don´t know how to teach about or share my experiences but I know that everyone should learn how to follow the Spirit. :P I have just been experimenting through prayer and asking our Heavenly father to give me experiences so I can better understand the spirit. Then experiences come! :D It´s almost like god answers prayers or something :P Really though, I have never been so close to the lord, so close to the Spirit, and...... had so many trials. We still aren´t having a lot of success as far as the work goes but this past week has been a huge success in my personal growth. There is a reason for everything! For these past few weeks it turned out that the challenges strengthened me spiritually :)
And Now we have a baptism this week!!!! :) Joy, is the best word to describe my feelings for it :)

Ok so right now we are in a locutorio and this guy is going crazy next to us. I don´t know what is wrong with him but he is jammin out hard core with his headphones on and he is moaning really loudly. You find some crazy people in the locutorios :D
Now its time for some missionary experiences that happen in the mission. I am just going to mention them briefly.

We were playing futbol on P day and Elder Skousen who lives with us was tripped, flew into a wall, and it turns out he cracked and chipped all the bones in his wrist! Oops :P

We were with a recent convert family and the wife ended the prayer in the name of the father and then the husband did the closing prayer and ended in the name of the holy ghost. I think we know what we will be teaching them next time :)

My companion played basketball against an investigator..... but he was in church shoes. So he rolled his ankle and it is now completely black, purple and swollen. He is fine though :)

We had two birds fly into our piso. The first one we found in our kitchen. So we caught it and then through it out our window. About three hours later a similar looking bird flew in through the window. That was chaos!
There were some other cool things but I got to go.
I love you all. The mission is the best for the spiritual experiences, hard experiences, joyous experiences, and especially the memorable crazy experiences. :D I love It!

 Love Elder Powell


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