Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Oh my gosh it is soooo HOT!!! 

Hi everyone :)

So I am now in alicante and it only took 8 hours to get here in bus! My companion is Elder Merchán and he only knows how to speak spanish. My dream come true! :D Alicante is one of the best areas I´ve been to so far haha. But really, there ward is so strong and the members are helping us a ton. We are always finding new people to teach and this ward is on fire. We set two fechas on the first day I got here and we found two more who we are setting fechas with next week. It is the best to finally be rolling in the work!!

Fun fact. So I have been with the same missionary since I got to the MTC. His name is Elder Medina. We were both in the MTC together, then we both got reassigned to Texas, then we both went to Malaga to be in the same zone, then we took the same bus and now we live in the same apartment in Alicante :P .

Anyway. There isn´t really alot to tell. It was kind of a weird week haha. Monday and Tuesday we went by all the members, recent converts and investigators that we were teaching. (Mom and dad you are going to love the people in Malaga. :))
It was hard to say goodbye to them :(

Wednesday. Said goodbye to my first born son in the mission and then travelled all day to get to alicante. We got a warm welcome with police dogs who sniffed out the bus for a guy who was carrying marijuana! That was crazy! The rest of the week was back to good ´ol work :)
Oh just kidding!

STORY!:   So it was the end of the night and we were planning when we heard this huge crash. Yep. Car accident right infront of our piso. Elder Medina and I ran out and started helping this guy who was laying on the ground. He was riding a moto and slammed into the car and then flew over the car and was now on the ground. Sooo... he was pretty much in a lot of pain. We held his head and direct everyone around us to call the police, get water, you know, the normal stuff. So about three police cars come speeding up and they took control and started helping the guy. Yay :)
Then they started talking and said that this wasn´t their call. they all got back into their cars and raced off! What!
So while we were waiting, this crazy guy stretches out his hand and says he has been called of god and does all this whispering stuff to heal him. In the mean time there were these two ladies freaking out.
Anyway, in the end the abulance came and we went back to our piso :)
Other than the police dogs and ambulances it was pretty good.
Christ is one of my favorite topics to study. Obviously he should be everyones focus all the time but I have been focusing and working on the Attributes of christ for quite some time and I´m noticing a difference in myself as a missionary.
Christ asks us to follow Him and a way to do that is to learn and take upon ourselves his attributes.
As I´ve studied them and applied them I have more.... everything; energy to work, animo to serve, love for the people, patience with our investigators, faith in god, Power to teach, Spirit to guide, and knowledge in all aspects.
The blessings are infinite. I love this work. I love the mercy of the lord. And..... I love being a missionary. :)
Follow christ in all aspects! I promise you that you will receive exactly the things you need as you do so.
Love ya,
Elder Powell
Ope, and New Address:
Plaza Del Altozano 3, Primero D
03010 Alicante, España

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