Monday, July 8, 2013

Success!! :)

Well before I talk about all the success :) ...... Manuel still isn´t baptized. How annoying is that. We have had super powerful lessons with them and he knows everything is true. He even knows that tithing is a commandment of God! The only thing he is waiting for is to gain the desire to pay it. He came to church fasting the other day and that was sweet. We fasted for him as well and it was awesome to see what happened. First we call him one day just to see how he was doing. (this was thursday after we had just finished our fast) He said he was doing great and was continuing to read and pray and he came across moroni 7!! Moroni 7 pretty much talks about any promptings or decisions that are contrary to god are of the devil. He pretty much applied it exactly to what he was feeling the day before he was SUPPOSED to be baptized. All night he described it as thoughts of paying tithing for the rest of his life was impossible to do. He literally was engulfed with fear and nervousness. So he read in Moroni 7 and recognized what those feelings had been. How perfect is that.

Then on Sunday we had our testimony meeting and three people bore their testimonies on tithing and it was awesome! Super strong spirit. It was funny because he asked if it was planned after the meeting jokingly because of how perfectly it was directed to him. He said it must be a sign :) But he also said he has never felt the spirit so strongly. We are going to meet again this wednesday and then we are praying he will be baptized this Friday. Patience is probably the hardest thing to have in the mission because you can´t force anyone to do anything. It is the worst!! But, that´s ok. I´m feeling good and know he will be baptized :) eventually

The rest of this week we just saw miracles! We found a ton of new investigators, taught more than enough lessons and we just feel great. We went on splits with the Zone leaders and they are the coolest guys ever. I felt like I was with spiritual giants. I now know there is still so much to learn! I thought I knew a lot but.....I was wrong :P

This week I have felt so much love from my heavenly father. The work is tough and sometimes I don´t know how we will do it. But every week it works out. I have been taught specifically on certain things I need to learn. I have faced challenges that are flippin sweet because after you feel so much stronger after. :D And I feel like I´m being prepared by a personal spiritual trainer so that I will be prepared for the rest of my life. It´s like I´m stretched to the very limit every day and then the next day I learn and grow even more. It´s pretty sweet and I am going to be a pretty tall spiritual guy haha ;)

But really this mission is the best. I feel so blessed and know that the Lord knows me personally. It´s good to have the testimony strengthened every once and a while.
I´d Highly recommend the mission :) It´s the best.

Alright, so I only have time to write a list of funny stories because I was looking at a lot of family pictures. Which, by the way, are awesome!!
- Our investigator grows marijuana
- I´ve now been kissed by a spaniard
- sister missionaries can get very emotional sometimes
- Horses can fly
- Beach houses are the best!
- I love the misison :D
Love Elder Powell
* Alma 37: 36-37

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