Monday, July 22, 2013

Transfers :)

Woo!! My first REAL transfer :)

News of the week: Ok more like news of the mission experience. It never slows down!! Ever!
I went from provo, to texas, to spain, to training a missionary, to being district leader and now I´m being transferred to Alicante to be Zone leader! I´m not going to lie, I´m kind of a little bit nervous. But I´m super excited to go to a new area! I´ve been here in Malaga for 6 months! Thats a fourth of the mission! It was hard to say bye to everyone on sunday. :( It´s like saying goodbye to your family. I will always remember Malaga.

Ok, other awesome news. One of our recent converts just told us the news that she is getting engaged! But even better is that she is getting engaged to the guy that helped us teach her, and they are getting sealed in the temple in a year!  And! They want me to be one of the witnesses! :D I just about passed out it when I heard it :) It was like pure joy! Ahh it was the best. It´s so good to see her progress! :)

We are having three baptisms this week but I won´t be here for it :( It´s kind of strange because we are having a ton of baptisms in the ward but our church attendance is dropping. In the past 6 months we had a church attendance of 150 and 0 baptisms. Now we have about 20 baptisms but attendance of 100 :( We think it is because of the summer vacations. But we are splitting the ward here next month!! 4 wards in Malaga!! Craziness.

Someone broke into the church.... It´s kind of funny because I kind of broke into this house last week. I just kicked open a door A little because I heard them inside and we actually got a new investigator out of it. :) But this was a little worse.

So the zone leaders got a call that someone broke into the church. They headed over expecting a broken window or something. Nope. Someone had broken through the door of an apartment building next door. They then slammed a hole into the wall connecting the apartment building to the church. From the church building they broke a hole into the Apple Store and took all the equipment and then carried it all out through the holes in the church. :P There were detectives and police and it was pretty exciting! But no pictures :( It´s illegal here to take picture of police.

Oh another police story. We were walking up the street and therte was this road block of police vans and about ten police guys. (The police guys here look like SWAT) They were holding machine guns and stopping cars that were trying to get through. Soooo.....   We just went the other way and taught our investigator :) Don´t know what happened.

This week I was shown this great scripture in alma chapter 26.
 22 Yea, he that arepenteth and exerciseth faith, and bringeth forth good bworks, and prayeth continually without ceasing—unto such it is given to know the cmysteries of God; yea, unto such it shall be dgiven to ereveal things which never have been revealed; yea, and it shall be given unto such to bring thousands of souls to repentance, even as it has been given unto us to bring these our brethren to repentance.

I was reading it again and it is just so awesome. First we need to repent. Everyone knows the things they are doing wrong, so if they can excersize their faith unto repentance they can "change" and they will bring forth good works. While we are bringing forth good works we should pray continually. This is my favorite part; As we pray continually and focus our thoughts on God, our thoughts and intentions will literally be those of gods. He will reveal things to us that have never been revealed. It makes sense. As we focus in that we will be filled with the spirit of god. As we are filled with the spirit of god we will bring thousands unto repentance!

I was also reading in jacob and it was directed right to those who need to repent. It was like a perfect precursor! Jacob widens the wound of those who have sinned to call them unto repentance. Thats in jacob 2 and 3. It talks of the pure and the filthy of heart. And what they need to do and are promised.

That was kind of scrambled. Anyway, I´ll be in Alicante next week! I´ll take a ton of pictures. Love You All.
The mission is the best. :)
Love Elder Powell

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