Monday, July 15, 2013

Hi :)

Hello Everyone! :)

First. Dad, your email was perfect. You knew exactly what you were talking about and it was exactly what I needed. Thank you:) I love you.

Second. Mom, I´m pretty sure you are the greatest example and mother I could have. When I read about the mothers of the 2000 strippling warriors I think of you. Keep the strength of the lord and keep serving. Love You:)

Third. I´m pretty sure the mission is the greatest thing ever. :) Yep. definitely the greatest thing ever!

This week we saw the hand of the lord. Coolest story ever. So we were teaching this lady in a cafeteria that is part of her apartment complex like we always do. It was really good. She is keeping the law of chastity so that is definitely good :) But! While we were teaching her this guy across the room gets a call and starts talking in ENGLISH. He starts looking at us and we here him say "Yeah I think there are two people from your church here right now." Wait what. Yeah you heard me.

So he walks over to us and says, "do you speak english? There is someone who wants to talk to you." It was a sister missionary from another part of the city. they had contacted this guy a few days ago but they didn´t have his address. So they "happened" to call him. When we "happened"to be in the same complex at the same time. Coincidence, I think not! :) Hasan was muslum. But his friend that he lives with is christian. So we are now teaching him. It´s kind of hard though because he only speaks arabic and a little english..... Good thing we have an Arabic book of mormon. :)

Ok another cool story! We tore about our area book and put a list of EVERYONE we could go by in our area that were futures or old investigators. We did that about four weeks ago and had gone by everyone! No luck for new investigators. Welp on thursday we literally went by our second to last person on the list and...... the person wasn´t home. :( So we went to the last person on the list and..... she had moved :( But! The person who lived there asked us where we were from. And then she said she loves asking LDS missionaries where there are from :) Yeah, she knows who the missionaries are and was receiving the lessons in puerto rico! She is from new york originally so she also speaks english perfectly :) It was just cool to see that the Lord had already planned to reward us for all the work we had prepared and our last option turned out to be a perfectly prepared! We are setting her with a baptismal date tonight!!!

Today I read the the first pages of the book of mormon before first nephi and I felt the spirit so strongly! The restoration is so Powerful and the Book of mormon is proof that it occurred. That Joseph smith saw the Father and His son Jesus Christ. There isn´t a doubt in my mind! Not one doubt. The book of Mormon IS true. As I read the testimonies of the witnesses,the Spirit testified that it was true. It has been confirmed once again to another boy in this world that the Book of Mormon is true. It gives me strength every day to read out of that book.

I love all of you!!!
Until next week, Elder Powell

P.s   I think I am being transferred next week....

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