Thursday, June 27, 2013

Wow!! Just Wow :)

Hi everyone!
How is everyone doing!? 

We did a ton of missionary work this week. :) From teaching in parks, blessing of children, performing miracles, finding the prepared, serving investigators, changing lives and walking until we can´t feel our feet. It is the greatest. :)

Park Story: So We were having a pretty tough day and had had no lessons. We were walking and we passed this lady just eating a sandwich and we kept going. When suddenly both of us, me and my companion, just turned around and we started talking to her. We got to know her and it turns out she was just visiting spain for three days and then was going to head back to argentina. Heres the cool part. The day before she was planning to head down to morocco when she got an overwhelming feeling of lonliness. She didn´t know why she was here on earth or her purpose. She has tried praying and was ready to receive an answer. Then we turned up. We ended up teaching her the plan of salvation and she is going to be baptized in argentina. It was a powerful lesson.
Blessing of Children: We hadn´t visited this less active family in the four transfers i have been here when we finally decided to go two days ago. We get there and it turns out to be a part member family and the husband was listening very intently and has decided he wants to come to church. Anyway the mom said that she has been asking the bishop to bless her 4 yr old daughter who has been very sick for the past month. What do you know, then we showed up. My companion gave her the simplest and sweet blessing I have heard. I thought my companion was her father by the way he was talking. Anyway after the blessing she stood up and was laughing and smiling and singing like a brand new girl.

Finding the prepared: We have found 9 new investigators and about 7 of them are paraguayans. Yes I am now learning a third language :D Guadaneen. Anyway we have been teaching these families and they have been prepared by angels or something. Everyone has there problems but it feels good to have people to teach. :)
Oh and that super prepared spaniard has been asking for a CTR Ring and just bought a White tie for his baptism! But.... he didn´t come to church :( Like I said, EVERYONE has their problems. But we are being patient :)

Ok just looked at the clock!! 6 minutes left!

Kam Kilbourne Challenges are the best!! When they come you will love them. Just don´t ask for them ;P

There were a ton of funny small things that happened. But.... Can´t remember them.

The lord is guiding us even if we don´t know it. We have the spirit even if sometimes we don´t feel it. Just be good. :)

I don´t know how but the mission is the Greatest! Ok I do know how, and it is still the best!! :D

Love Elder Powell

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