Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Being A Missionary

Hi everyone :)
Ok! this week has been great! We have seen miracles every day and I have seen the power of faith. 
That has been the focus this week in our zone. Our zone works so hard and they want to have success. :) it is so cool to be able to work with all of them. Anyway this week we were able to teach in my first zone conference. It was amazing!! I loved it and everyone else loved it too!
 I taught about the experiences people had when they were with christ. I used the story about the apostles after christ was resurrected, The story when christ invited the apostles to come be fishers of men and another one in the americas when christ tells the people he is going to leave for a day because he could see the exhaustion in the people. In all of these situations the reaction is always similar. They have a burning sensation of love that they feel while they are with them and they can´t stand the thought of not being with him.
I then related that to us as missionaries. If we can focus and work to become more like christ, people will feel impelled to follow our teachings and will feel sad at the thought of the absence of this wonderful gospel. It was great!
The next day we had a missionary activity with the youth and we about 16 missionaries and we all went on splits with the youth. Super fun and super cool to see the reaction of some of the youth as to what we do :P
Then on sunday I gave a talk in church. It was great, because that morning was when I remembered I had to speak. Ooops :P And then when I was called up the counselor asked me to speak longer because the other speaker didn´t show up!! It turned out really well though :) I spoke about miracles. Mom I actually used the story about your operation and how you could miraculously hear afterward :)
It has been a very uplifting week. It is amazing how much more stuff we do but still fulfill all of our responsibilities! 

Joke of the week: We are living with two other elders and we had the great idea to pull a prank on them. We were coming home a little late one night and Elder Merchán called them and said that I was in jail because I had problems with my papers! He told them that they were going to take us to another part of spain if the didn´t come and bail us out RIGHT NOW. 
We were watching the door of the apartment and the next thing we know elder medina and Brewer come bursting out of the door. They run next door to this south american bar. ( We´re good friends with them ;) Anyway it gets really quiet while they are explaining what happened and then there is a ton of comotion! One starts calling a taxi for them. The cook starts making food to take to us, and everyone else in the bar starts asking them a ton of questions. ¨mormon missionaries always have there papers in order, right ?¨  ¨How did the police find them?¨ ¨What can we do?¨ 
In the meantime, we sneak up to the apartment and wait for them.... Someone had seen us so we knew they would eventually come. 
You can see what happened when they came in the door when i send home my SD card :) Complete chaos

Love you all.
The missiona is the greatest!
Love Elder Powell

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