Monday, April 29, 2013

6 Months!!

Well hello family :) I just hit my 6 month mark! It´s like I´m a sister missionary just starting the mish. Except I have a missionary to train! I'm takin' a train to the mission home to pick him up tonight! Can´t wait!

So this week has been super good..... besides the fact that the two people that were supposed to get baptized didn´t get baptized. :P But really it was an awesome week. We picked up 5 new investigators, taught a lot of people, and found a lot of "futures" that we will be passing by to teach. It´s almost like god was preparing us to have a lot of people to teach when my hijo gets here! :) Before we had like two people to teach and now we have 8! It´s rockin! Also we had an awesome ward activity and the ward is being strengthened. It is perfect. It´s like in Alma 4:4 where we have to strengthen the ward before the lord will trust us with people to bring into his fold. Tha'ts exactly what happened! Ward activity=stronger ward=more people entrusted to us by the lord=Baptisms. Which also means the scriptures are true. :)

The bad News is that Michael didn´t get baptized because his mom didn´t let him. Now he feels ashamed to come to church because he wasn´t baptized :( And the mom doesn´t want to talk to us. If we could just talk to her she would feel that this is a good step for her son. So we´ll be workin on that.

Maria is getting baptized! We just don´t know when haha. She is already living the gospel and has had many spiritual experiences! She just doesn´t recognize it. It´s wonderful how the lord can give you so much love for someone. It´s just hard when they can´t receive all the blessings that are waiting for them. Please pray for michael´s mom to have a soft heart, and that Maria will also realize the blessings of being baptized :)
Well that´s last week for ya!
I was also able to study a talk by Elder Bednar this past week. I learned about the redeeming power of the Atonement as well as the Enabling power of the Atonement. The redeeming power is what helps us overcome sins. But I learned alot about the enabling power. It isn´t the power to take away trials but the power we receive to OVERCOME trials. Think about Nephi. He prayed for strength to break the bands that held him captive. The people of Alma prayed that their burdens would be lightened, and guess what the lord did. He gave them strength so that their burdens felt lighter. Alma and Amulek, the pioneers and much more.

We didn´t come to earth to pass through trials. We came to be strengthened and to grow. But the Savior, our Lord and Redeemer, performed the atonement so that we can not only overcome all sin but also be given strength to overcome all trials. The atonement is something I cannot understand or comprehend fully, but I know that it is real. I know that we can become clean of sin, we can be comforted when we stand in need of comfort, and we can be given all the strength of the lord to overcome our weaknesses and trials.
I love you! I love the mission! And I love my Saviour.
Elder Powell  

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