Monday, April 8, 2013

Wow what an amazing week! :)

We had some pretty spiritual experiences.

Elder Olsen, Jones and I did a 24 hour fast for our investigators this past week. We wanted these people to keep progressing because they seemed to always be busy and we couldn´t strengthen them and lead them towards baptism and ultimately returning to live with our Heaveny Father.We had 5 names on our list and we started monday after lunch. Tuesday we finished our fast at 2. We then taught EVERY SINGLE person on the list! Also one of the investigators we were fasting for told us that she had a dream where she heard a voice saying the church wasn´t true. She woke up and the words "you can´t tempt me satan" Came out of her mouth. She and her Nephew are set for the 19th to be baptized (Lucia and Mitchel). Also Palma, the mother of ismael who is living with a man with out the bonds of marriage, received a miraculous call from someone who found her name on a random list in a random hospital, and had a job interview on Saturday! She will be getting baptized soon as soon as she has an income and can move out. And Finally we were teaching a lady (Gladys) who said that during the lesson, when we were doing an example, we asked her to close her eyes. We explained to her that we can´t see god but we have a prophet to guide us. When she opened her eyes she was very happy and said that she saw god wearing vestidos de blanco! Apparently she is one of those people who can see God. ;) Also all of these people came to conference for at least one of the sessions! All of this came from the faith of 3 missionaries who trusted in the lord. What a blessing.

Um... was conference like the most amazing thing ever!!! There were some very powerful talks. Elder Holland!  "WOW" was like the only thing i put in my notes. :P I was so focused I didn´t write anything else haha.Elder Packer was one of my favorites. He has gained so much knowledge and when he was speaking I received the most revelation. Elder Hales I also liked when he gave us warning on how sin and temptation come looking for us in these last days. But, my favorite was definitely President Monson when he talked about his story with Fire :D It sounded just like me when I was 8. Mom I loved his facial expressions too! So great. We watched the saturday morning session on saturday at 6 pm live. And then we watched the other 4 sessions on sunday. The last one was from 10 to midnight! I may have missed some of the talks after Holland. But I can´t wait to go back and read them.

Learn and apply all these things from conference. We can receive the blessings of our Heavenly Father as we do so. The work of the lord is still rolling forward with power and will continue to do so. I love it. I love this Gospel and it is so True!

Love Elder Powell :)

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