Monday, April 1, 2013

Missionary Work

March 25, 2013
(This letter is a little late getting on the blog.  Mom was out of town and couldn't post it.)

Hi family :)
This week we have been doing alot of finding as we try to have new investigators. It has been hard with the festivities because everyone is super flojo and won´t call if they aren´t going to be home when we come by. But we had an awesome tender mercy/miracle. All week we were praying to find a family. We would find these awesome potentials and then nothing. Each day we would get home super tired and satisfied with the day but we felt like we weren´t having succes. We kept praying and kept working hard. Our goal in this Barrio (ward) is to have 40 baptisms by the end of the year. It´s about 2 per month for both companionships.  So we have gone all week probably working the hardest I have so far on the mssion and still no baptismal dates for april and still no families.  Sunday night is when we turn in our numbers. Sunday night comes and we only have one lesson left. Yep, we go in, teach a receptive lady and her son named Michael y Lucia accepted to be baptized. We set baptismal dates for April 19th! It was super awesome. This past week god was really testing us for how much we wanted are goal and how faithful we would be. It´s so cool how when God sees our goals, and our faith, and how we work towards them, he will bless us! It was great!
We also met a mexican family of 8. And all the children know perfect english because they lived in washington for 8 years. Also another promising mexican girl and a family of 6. But with Semana Santa we haven´t been able to go to their house.
Other than that, it has been straight up apostacy here in Spain!!! Like really. They carry around idols and worship them. It´s as simple as that. It´s really entertaining though and hard not to get side tracked when we see one in the street. :P
We dropped an investigator family last week for this very reason. They knew the book of mormon was true but they just liked the catholic church. So it was our last visit and we knew they didn´t want anything so we asked them what they thought about the commandment of not worshipping idols. They just gotsuper confused and couldn´t get around it and asked us to leave. So we left :)  I just don´t get what they are thinking!
I love this Gospel! It is so great to think about the resurrection and how Christ LIVES! He lives and he has suffered all. He is pefect and restored His gospel on the earth through a prophet holding the authority of God. The church is true and all will live again because of Jesus Christ. This week read 3rd nephi chapter 11 and think of how christ came to the people of the americas and how the first think he did was beckoned them so they could feel the prints in his palms. That was the FIRST thing. We have so many testimonies that he lives and I can add to that list. Christ is our Savior. Remember especially during this easter week :)
Love Elder Powell
PS. Oh and you know Antonio Banderas. (Zorro) Yeah he´s from Malaga, He is in Malaga. And we were so close to seeing him! Except when he was going to carry one of the floats...... we were in church hahahaha. :P Oh well.

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