Monday, May 13, 2013

Milagros out the Wazoo

Hi Family!

I just saw you yesterday and it was the greatest. Today is the greatest! But there are some things that I wanted to share this last week.

We had a training on friday by the Ayudantes or AP´s to the president. They talked about the simplicity of prayer and when we have specific prayers we can have specific answers. But they also taught about continually praying. I´m not gonna lie. It´s really hard to concentrate on the things you are praying for, all the time..... unless your on a mission. :P So friday night we got back to our piso and we had very few solid plans, and very few people to pass by.

So we prayed. We told our Heavenly Father exactly what we were going to do that night. We told him where we would be going and when we would be there. Like I said, pretty specific. We then told him of our faith and confidence we had in him. We then set out to our first cita. On the way we met a guy who came up to us and asked for a BOM. we taught him a lesson on the street and it was great.

We got to the cita and no one was there.

So we went to our next plan. On the way we met another boy who was 17 and he was really curious about josephsmith. So we taught him all about the restauracion and he is super interested! 

We showed up at the church and taught a man while we waited for a baptism to start. (It wasn´t in our plans to teach him but he was just there) :) After we taught him he said he wanted to get baptized and he came to church on sunday! But he is in the Hermanas area so we´re not going to be able to teach him more.

*Milagro at the Baptism. So long story short with the baptism. We were there waiting for the Hermanas baptism to start. 12 year old girl. She is super prepared. 15 minutes before it started the mom decided she couldn´t be baptized. So we got everyone together and prayed for her specifically that she could be baptized. And then we continued to pray while the misioneras talked to her. 10 minutes later she gathered her thoughts and allowed her daughter to be baptized! We gave alot of thanks after that.

Then we walked to our next Cita and on the way we met this man from Norway. We taught him about the restauracion and he had a ton of questions. He set up a time we could meet with him this next week.

Our appointment failed that we were walking to. But right before we were about to leave that part of the city we got a call from a less active and she was in a lot of pain and needed a blessing! It was a miracle because we were literally like 3 minutes away from her house.
The Lord knows everything. As we prayed and worked our hardest that day the Lord answered our prayers. Everything that we had planned failed. But the Lord made up for it in his way. As we did our part as we continually prayed and worked, we knew we had the lords promise to answer our prayers. And HE DID answer our prayers. We met person after person who were guided right to us. It was Amazing.
So.... Say your prayers :)
Love you all. The mission is the greatest.
-Elder Powell 

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