Monday, April 22, 2013


Hello family!! How are all of you? Good I hope :)

Yep so i got a call last night from president and he told me I will be training, starting the 2nd of May! I was shocked!

This is going to be one of the greatest experiences ever though. i just feel excited and that this is the right thing for me now. Even though I´m a little nervous and I can´t speak perfect spanish yet I trust my president and I know he receives revelation from the lord on what to do. So pretty much the lord asked me to train someone. When I look at it in that perspective it makes things a whole lot easier! :)

Also we had a baptism Friday night for Lucia! I was able to baptize her and it was one of the best experiences ever! It was my first time baptizing and I could feel the spirit confirming everything that night. She is a great lady and is going to be very strong in the church. The next day her nephew told us that he wants to get baptized this Saturday! It is going to be awesome! :)

When you are working hard constantly and then see the Blessings, it is great!

Also we set a baptismal date with Gladys from the dominican Republic for the 10th of May!! I´m really excited for her! She said she wanted to be baptized but she needed a few weeks.  I think she will be baptized sooner though ;) The spirit is working really well with her :)

My companion is going home in 9 days. Now that is a weird thought! He is talking of home and it is pretty fun to see his excitement when he talks about seeing his family. But he is still working so hard. He is a really good missionary. I´m gonna miss that kid!
Ok so a little update on our perfect day of planning. I don´t know if I mentioned it last week but our whole mission fasted and then we planned exactly perfect for one day. :) President sent out a bulletin all about it. But basically we accomplished all the standards of excellency for a day, plus more! It was pretty amazing.

As far as our day went (me and elder Jones). Everything went really bad haha :P We planned really well, but....... we were on the street for about 5 hours because all of our plans fell through! By the time our third plan fell through i was laughing and talking how we probably had some important lesson to learn. :) And there is something I learned. Even though that day was just an average day, even after planning dilligently and working hard and only having a few lessons, the Lord blessed me greatly in other aspects. Sometimes we don´t understand the lord´s will, or what the outcome will be. But because we were obedient and had faith I saw the hand of the lord in the next days.

Trust in the Lord. Do the hard, right things in life.
I love you all. I love the mission. Hurrah for Israel.
Elder Powell 

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