Monday, April 1, 2013

New Companion

Hi Family! I love you guys :)

So I have a new companion!! Elder Olsen. He is the best missionary ever! He is the definition of Utah Mormon haha :P He is going to be with Elder Jones and I while we wait for his companion who is coming next week. There is just an odd number of missionaries in the field so we are in a trio. But it is so cool because he is 18 AND he has only been on a mission for 24 days! Yeah. He was in the provo MTC for only 10 days (because he knew spanish) and then he served in the provo mission for 10 days and then they flew him here. When they said they were speeding things up they weren´t kidding. He is a great addition though. I thought I was a pretty positive person when it came to any situation but he blows me out of the water. It is great :D Every hour he just turns to me and says "Isn´t this just the greatest day ever!? Gosh I love you elders :)" Ahh its super fun. He has been studying spanish for 5 years so he speaks super well and is so spiritually in tune it is great! When we get his new companion there will be 6 missionaries in our ward and 16 in Malaga! We are going to see so much increase in the work here. It is awesome!

This week we found 5 new investigators and three of them came to church! It was great except three of our other investigators, who we have been teaching for a while didn´t show up. :/ Sunday was daylight savings so we had a really low turn out in church. But yeah we found all these new people and they are so prepared! April is going to be a good month. Oh my gosh, and while we were in church this African walked in to church and said I NEED to be baptized, like today! We explained to him about how we had to teach him a few things but he loved church even though he doesn´t understand any spanish. After gospel doctrines class he said he was going to take the gospel principles book. Also he like demanded that he could have a bible, a book of mormon and the teachings of president Snow! He said he needed to study since he was going to holland for three weeks or something. We have a lesson with him tonight to figure out how he found us and what he wants because he was saying some things like he wants to become a pastor. I hope he knows  we don´t get paid :P

Anyway this week was so weird because on Friday was when all the celebration happened. They like worshiped the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. None of them know they are wrapped around satan´s finger. That day was probably one of satan´s most favorite day in the history of the world along with the Fall.  They had a ton of processions and parties, and then sunday came and hardly anyone talked about the resurrection when we met people in the streets. It was kind of interesting. People are so confused!

I finished The Book of Mormon this past week and it is so true! Gosh I love it. All people need to do is read this book,  pray with real intent and every time they would be baptized! Ok that's not totally true but the Book of Mormon is so powerful. It is such a great tool. This sunday is General Conference and I can´t wait to hear all the words of th prophet and apostles. It´s going to be a little weird to not hear their real voice though because it is a translation. Oh well :)

I love you all. This church is true. And Christ LIVES. Que Guay!
Love Elder Powell 
Oh and we went to a huge cathedral. Compare the size of the people to a pillar. LOCO! All these pictures are things we have been doing our past P days.

 Alright here are the thrones and parades and nazarines (pointy hat people) that I was talking about.

So I also went on this hike with our zone and we went to a waterfall :)
(For those of you who may not know, this is Joshua's famous pose that he does at the top of mountains and in front of waterfalls)

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