Wednesday, September 17, 2014

August 18 - Sick Week but Miracle Week :)

Hello family!!
I think this is going to be a pretty short email but we had a great week. My companion is a great worker and we are doing awesome together. About half way through the week I got strep and my whole body just got super sore. I think it´s because of the fever... But here are some of the miracles!! 

So we are usually always in the car but we were walking in our little village contacting some references when we contacted this 17 year old spanish kid. He knows english, wants his doubts solved about religion because he feels like the catholic church isn´t true and he is a firefighter like my comp! Coincidence, I think not. We had a ton in common and he is just so normal! There aren´t many normal families here haha. They are either out of work or smokers and drinkers and this kid has a working father, stay at home mom and it is just great! :) So we will see him alot this week. Also this south american kid we contacted in a restaurante two weeks ago saw us in the street and said "hey I am still waiting for you to come by and teach me." God is just sending people our way :)

The biggest miracle was on sunday though. So as missionaries we have goals and standards and stuff, right. We try and have 3 investigators in church every sunday, and we have to find 4 new investigators every week. We also have alot of other goals but these were the two that we were struggling with this week. So sunday morning evreyone was calling us and telling us they couldn´t come to church and we were a little bummed because we had been working so hard all week. Also we had only found 2 news this week. So we get to church and no investigators were there :( One said he was going to come but he didn´t show up.... So as church is starting one comes in. Yes! Then after the sacrament part, I was speaking when one of our investigators that we found on thursday and lives super far away, came in. Yes!! I thought to myself, "Well at least 2 are here." When his son walked in right behind him! It was great! We did everything we could and had invited about 20 people and the Lord did the rest to reach our goal. So that afternoon we had three hours to find two news and we got to our last plan with about thirty minutes left in the day when we found an awesome nigerian family. So we reached all of our goals :) It was a really good feeling to feel that this really isn´t our work but the Lord´s work! We put forth our greatest effort and we saw his hand. It was cool. Anyway, I love being a missionary. This is the Lords work and it is his church. Everything that we are asked or commanded to do, we CAN do. But not by ourselves. We have to, and need to rely on Him. We need to become like Him. It is my greatest desire.

Love Elder Powell


It was actually just a dance activity for the youth :P

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