Wednesday, September 17, 2014

September 15

Hello family!! :)

It has been another fast week. We got transfer calls and there is going to be a change for my last transfer....... We are receiving a third missionary! It is going to be so great. He has about 4 months on the mish and it is going to be a good way to help me work my hardest. 

This week there hasn´t been too many things worthy to note. We have been working steadily with the husband of Maida. Maida was baptized about 2 months ago. The whole family is baptized and we are going to set a goal for him to be baptized next friday on the 26th. :) He is ready but just needs to take the last step of faith. It´s gonna be sweet!

Oh, there is actually something really cool that happened on Saturday. A family here that have been members for just about 2 years were sealed! They were baptized by my trainer and I was able to be here for their sealing. They are so happy :)

We are working had to find a family that has parents who are married and that believe in god. If we can find that I would be in heaven :) We will.

I started the book of mormon about two weeks ago and I´m trying to finish it by the end of my mish. I love the book of mormon. It gives so much power. It heals. It motivates. It does everything. If you are searching for anything you will find it in The Book of Mormón. Unless you lost a pair of keys, then you may just want to pray. ;) I really do love the book of mormon and it´s ability to protect me and help me overcome temptation. It seemed to be that in most of our lessons this week we taught about the book of mormon and it´s ability to help become perfect in Christ.

I still love the mission! It´s so flippin hard sometimes but I love it! :D haha.
Trust in god and he will trust in you.
Love Elder Powell

P.S We hiked a mountain this morning. I love hiking. :)

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