Thursday, August 14, 2014

New Comp

Congrats little bro on the Mission Call to Portugal!! That is going to be amazing. And I would definitely jump through a geyser or chase a bison ;)

So my new comp is great!! Elder Gonzalez is from Texas and his family is from Mexico. It is so awesome to have an american comp! I love my native comps but there is something different about an American comp. We are having a blast and teaching in such unity! These are going to be some awesome transfers together!

This week we had a youth activity which was really fun in the park. It was organized to say goodbye to my last comp. 

We have also seen a ton of miracles as far as finding people. Here is a funny one :)

We were in a small town about 20 minutes from our city of Alcázar and Elder Gonzalez was driving. The whole day Elder Gonalez was joking about how he was going to find a family on the street. So We were trying to find some references we had recieved when all of a sudden Elder gonzalez rolls down his window, calls to a lady across the street and rapidly whispers to me, "give me a street, give me a street, give me a street." I tell him some random street and when the lady comes to the window he asks how to get to that street. We then start talking to her and she is golden! She has two kids and wants them to learn good values and learn abougt God. She invited us over next week. Also she volunteers in this shelter so we are also got a hook up with service projects. :) Sweet right!

Our recent convert Carlos also invited over two of his friends and one of them wants to be baptized. She is 17 and we are going to meet her family this week! Lots of work to do this week :)

The rest of the week we were travelling back and forth from all the areas of our missionaries. Wednesday was transfers and we were driving missionaries to their areas. Thursday We had Zone Meeting in Ciudad Real, a baptismal interview in Valdepeñas, and then a specialized training with president the next day in Ciudad real. It´s been crazy.

On Sunday a 70 came to our branch! That was really good. He is from Mexico. He taught agency! It was really sweet. Also President Deere came with his wife and he bore a super powerful testimony about facing challenges. His brother died this past week :( But he is so spiritually strong and is being a strong example of a disciple of Christ. 

I want you to think of  all the challenges in your life. :)  

Now I want you to think if those challenges are an excuse to not live the gospel of Jesus Christ and keep the commandments of our Heavenly Father and God. They aren´t.

We will always be tested and our Father in Heaven always expects and hopes that we will stay true to him. He is awaiting us. He knows us. And he knows how to test us in the most personal ways so that we can grow and become like him. This IS The Church of Jesus Christ! I know it is. I love it :D And I love this work.

Love Elder Powell

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