Wednesday, September 17, 2014

September 1 - Hi Family

So I am in Malaga right now! 

It has been an awesome week. I came down earlier to do an intercambio with my old comp Elder Rojas from Alicante and I loved it. He is my AP now.Anyway, I just love cubans! There are a ton here in Malaga and we invited a whole family of cubans to be baptized. They accepted :) Right at the end of the intercambio I also got to my vist my first converts for the first time in a year and a half! They are doing great! The son went to EFY o FSY. What ever it is called. And they might be moving to the States!!! It is going to be awesome!! Super stoked. We planned for when you guys vist. they are excited.

We have been havin a good time in Alcazar. It is still really hard and it is dificult to find people who will listen right now but we are workin on it :)

Sorry but I don´t have a lot of time today.

Highlights of the week and just random stuff: 
We had 47 people in church! that was amazing. I think a few weeks ago we had 46 but that was just because a 70 was there. It was a normal sunday where we normally have 35 or so but we had almost 50. Definitely progression there :) We will be a ward soon.

We had an awesome volleyball barbecue with tons of ecuatorian converts in the forest!

And I shaved my whole body! I´m hairless :D It is a strange feeling. (NEVER doin that again)

 You are all so awesome! Diligence is key to spiritual progression. I love the mission and It is the greatest work to share the gospel. You should try it ;) ANIMO!! :D

Love Elder Powell

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