Tuesday, May 27, 2014

May 5 - Mothers Day

Hi Family! Que pasa!? :)

Yesterday was Mothers day here in Spain so happy mothers day mom! But I will give you all a call next sunday so we can Skype! :) When is your church now? I can skype pretty much when ever but the best time would be 6 spain time on sunday. Send me an e-mail :)

Alright this week was awesome! It was called the week of consecration and it was pretty consecrated! We saw so many miracles! One of the biggest miracles was how fast our investigators are progressing! That guy Jose Antonio we found last week, is doing great! We had the family home evening and he accepted baptism for the 11th of May. which is this Sunday! :) So he came to the BBQ we had as a ward, which I will explain in just a sec, and we were talking how we needed to teach him about 4 times. And he said, " ok... well can you just teach me everything in one day?" This guy is super prepared! So we sat down with him on Saturday morning and we taught him lesson 2, lesson 3, the word of wisdom and the Law of Chastity. Yep he was ok with all of it. The Lord is good :) We just have a few things left and he will be set.

Also this other family who wasn´t really progressing decided to come to the activity! they came, they met another family who they are now good friends with and will be coming to church this week. This is the family that we contacted like two months ago and she was a less active from over 20 years ago. Yeah, they are now progressing really well. Vicente, Marianella and Carlos. SO AWESOME

So this barbacoa we had was up in the mountains. Yeah, I still miss the mountains of utah :) But it was so great. There was a ton of food and we played soccer, card games, rope games, arm wrestles and a ton of other stuff. There was about 120 people so it was a huge turnout :) It helped everyone I think. This ward is awesome! We also started some karate classes and those are sweet too. Our ward has so many things going on every week that it is easy to get our investigators involved in the ward.

So a miracle/message of the week is about prayer and faith. Late saturday night we got a call from the sisters and they found out that one of their investigators couldn´t come to church the next day. They were a little upset because they needed her to come to be able to be baptized the next week for the "Dia Blanco" or the day when every companionship is going to baptize. So I told them to call the investigator back and then hung up. In the mean time me and my comp knealt down and started to pray....
 Have any of you seen the best two years where all the missionaries are praying so that the main Investigator can call, and then in the middle of the prayer the phone rings and they hurry to end the prayer....
Yeah so thats what happened. The phone starts buzzing, we look at the phone, hurry and end the prayer and answer,
"Woooooo She is coming! She is coming" :,D
"Woooo Yeah thats what I´m talkin about!" :D
It was a joyous moment.

I am always amazed at how fast the Lord works. Also I have never had such greater faith. Before we even started praying I knew she was going to be able to come. I just wanted to share how powerful Faith can be. It really can move mountains and work miracles.

This is the Lords work and I love it! :)
Love Elder Powell

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