Tuesday, May 27, 2014

May 12 - hi

Hello family!! :) 
So it was great talking to you all yesterday. I finally got see my nephew/niece in live time! So that was cool. Tori I hope you feel good every day until it is born :) 
What to say, what to say. The main thing in my head is that I am being transferred. I really got to love this ward so it is going to be really hard to leave :( But I feel good about the change! Alcázar de san Juan is my new area in La Mancha. I am going to be zone leader again so that is pretty crazy. There really is no time to rest on the mission and it is the best. It is making me who the Lord needs me to be :)
One thing that i hold really close to me on the mission is how much I have learned to confide in my Heavenly father. I am so confident in all of my decisions because I know they are the decisions my heavenly Father would make. 
I will talk to all yall next week to let you know about the new area :)
I love you all and I love the Mission!
Elder Powell

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