Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Awesome Weekend!!

Hello Family! This week has been super awesome and we had some hilarious experiences :)
We started off the week kind of normal and nothing really happened. Pretty slow. But Starting on Thursday everything was sweet! Francheska finally got back from Holland (she travels alot) and we were able to teach her about the temple and she is going at the end of may with the ward to do baptisms!! She is super excited and on Sunday she set everything up so she could be interviewed by the bishop. Super Awesome. Also Thaynara another brazilian recent convert is going too! 

After we taught them both I headed to Malaga to finally get my residency card renewed. Yep, Ive only been living here illegally for like 3 months now haha. It was great though because I saw a ton of people from my group who are leaving at the same time as I am. I love the MIssion!! I hit my year and a half mark a few days ago. That is weird. But there is still a ton to do. 

Right When I got back from Malaga We headed to a Law University to give a presentation about the Church. It was super cool. A member here is a professor and we got invited to present the relationship between the church and state. It was incredible. We gave away like 40 book of mormons and we were able to answer a ton of questions. I felt like Alma as he was talking to Korihor because a ton of these law students were basically atheists and we were just testifying it up. I have never been in a debate class but I felt like everyone was trying to debate about what we were saying and then we just testified with the power of God and they couldnt do anything about it hahaha. Super good experience.

That night we had our correlation meeting and our goal is to have 12 baptisms as a ward with 4 companionships on the 10th of may. (two weeks) The only problem was that we only had three baptismal dates and we needed more investigators to be at church. So we set some goals to fast and go through the are book to see who has been to church at least once so they can come one more time to be baptized.
So you know what happened... A miracle is what happened! We were starting our fast, went by an old Investigator and he wasnt home. Knocked the whole building and :)...... nothin. As were were walking out the door though we contacted this guy, he invited us into his apartment, he came to church, and we are having a family night with him tonight. It is like another Francheska story!! Super awesome. United prayer and fasting is super powerful. His name is Jose.
We thought we were going to find this other miracle because we called an old investigator and he was super excited to have us over and we went to his street but we couldnt find his door. We called him up and he came down onto the street and he couldnt see us! We were super frustrated because we were both on the street named seneca by a chinese restaurant and we couldnt find him! He then asked us, "wait a second, are you in Granada?" 
"Hahahaha I am in Malaga" 
Yeah so we passed over this investigator to Malaga who is super prepared and has already been to church but he just lost contact when he went to Malaga.
Wow sorry this is a long letter. But this week I am continuing to see the power of Faith and Patience. Everything is going decently well but it is still hard. We are becoming more dedicated and united as a companionship. So that is definitely good ;) It was kind of rough before. But this week we are having a week of consecration as a mission to be exactly and perfectly Obedient. It feels good to have everyone being obedient. There is a great spirit in our mission right now.
You know that spiritual thought that Kameron shared a few weeks ago about "Breaking a covenant with the Lord is never justified." I want to testify of that too. Obedience is so powerful and that is how the lord can fulfill his promises :)

I love you all, I love the mission. I wouldnt trade it for anything!!
Elder Powell
P.S My apostrophe button on my keyboard doesnt work so that is why there arent any :)

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