Tuesday, May 27, 2014

May 19 GOOD, HARD, WORK :)

Family! Como estan?!
I got your package the day before I left so that is good. I got to make brownies for two families here in the new branch and they loved them so thanks :) I also love the Shirt ;)

Hahahha I am finally with a missionary that works harder than me!! (can you believe that) It is the greatest :D We are in a branch where about 35 people come to church. My companion and I have a year and a half and we are working like machines! We found 6 new investigators, set 3 baptismal dates and taught 18 lessons....... in three days. I have never worked how I am working now but it is the greatest feeling! I feel like I am in star wars where they blast into hyperdrive and there is nothing holding back. It is going to be a good transfer :)

My companion is from Argentina and we both started in Malaga together. We told eachother that one day we would be comps and now we are! He is super spiritual, focused, hard working and just an excellent missionary! He might be a little crazy but it adds a little bit of fun to the work. ;P

This week I have been focusing on repentance..... again. There are so many imperfections and things to get better at. Repentance is one of the most rewarding things in the world. We set goals, pray, work, and then feel as the lord works with us. It is the best! At least for me anyway. The only way I can progrees is through Jesus Christ.

In church we were reading, and a quote popped out to me that I think is really important. It is talking about worldly knowledge and spiritual knowledge. " It is 1000 times more important to have a knowledge of God and his Laws, to be able to do that which will bring salvation..." Everything I am learning in the mission and the goals I have been setting and accomplishing are priceless. I know how to follow the spirit. I know how to repent. I know how to share the gospel. As I have learned the Laws and Ways of God I can apply it and progress even more. "Now is the time to prepare to meet god.." I am 100% confident in my Heavenly Father. I know what I need to do and I have faith in the things I am promised by him. Do we think about that? Do you think about the covenants you have made? Do you think about the promises? :) Do you think about how to come unto Christ? Do you think about the Blessings? :) The Gospel of Jesus Christ is perfect and I love it! 

Anyway. I love the mission. I finally get to see stars at night. I finally get to see the sunset. It is the best! :)
Love elder Powell.
P.S I hope everything is working out with my drivers license. It´s a little important so we can do exchanges with the missionaries. How is it going? How much longer do you think it will take? :)

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