Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April 21, 2014 - Hey, Hey, Hey

Hi Family! I loved the pictures of everything! I am super jealous :) 
Hahaha tanner your hair is so long! I´m thinkin about doing the same when I get back from the mish to just grow out my hair.
Today has been really fun! We headed to the center of the city and toured around while it was just pouring down rain haha. It was really cold and wet but it was super fun :) We found this tour group lady on a segway and she let all of us ride one! It was my first time on a segway and it was awesome haha! It was kind of funny because I fell off of it and the segway just went crazy and the lady had to run over and help me :P

Anyway, it has finally happened. I have finally received a really hard companion.... My comp has finally opened up and it has been pretty challenging. But hey, everything happens for a reason right. I said I´d probably learn a ton this transfer, and boy am I learning :P It is helping me to rely more on the lord and make me a stronger missionary.
This week we saw some awesome miracles! I have been focusing a lot on following the spirit this week and it is the coolest hehehe :). This is going to sound really weird but We were walking down this street when I saw the number 1 on this door. I then saw in my mind the number 5 and and we just stopped to toke the 1. Then we knocked door three and then we walked a little further down to door 5 and it was the exact same looking number that popped into my head earlier! So we knocked it and this man came out and he was perfectly prepared! A friend of his died recently and we taught about the plan of salvation! Sweet miracle!
Then we were walking in the centro a few days later and this man came up to us and was like "hello, My mom is mormon in Barcelona. I have been to your church. I really liked it. Can you come teach me?" It was crazy cool :)

Other than that we have just been workin our butts off and doing all that we can to find prepared people :) We don´t have like anyone progressing which is a bummer. We just set a baptismal date with this man but we then figured out that he isn´t married!! It was so disappointing. So we are in that process now.
The mission is the best!! I love it.
Love Elder Powell
P.S Mom I know this is a huge favor but can you send me a ghiradelli browni mix bag! :) That would be awesome. And can you send me the chocolate chip cookie recipe! Love You!

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