Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April 14, 2014 - The Lord's Work

Hello Family!!!
I love learning :) It is the best to learn something, apply it and then have it confirmed that it is true. How did you like conference?! I loved it. I finally got to see all of it haha so I know it is kind of late but one of my favorite talks was in the final session by L Tom Perry. He spoke about Obedience. I LOVE obedience. I feel so good when I am obedient and there are so many blessings that are received. At one point he talked about how we need to teach our spirit and our body to obey the Lord. I had never thought about training both my body and spirit to obey the lord.  I still don´t fully understand how to train them both, other than by being obedient and praying so that I can be taught. This week I have been working on that and praying so that I can recognize the spirit. What I have seen is that obedience strengthens my spirit. As I am obedient i am more succeptible to the spirit. With that spiritual help it is easy to conquer any physical weakness or spiritual temptation. The Constant companionship of the spirit is definitely necesary to b strengthened and to be taught.

Just how Jesus Christ grew in his physical life spiritually, he learned precept by precept. We can not rush our spiritual progression. It takes obedience, prayer, faith, action, desire, and patience. It is So hard hahah! But it has been so rewarding to progress. I have seen the difference over my whole mission. I become more dedicated and consecrated to the lord. No I´m not perfect, and Yes I ¨fall¨ alot, but there is no excuse to not choose to follow Christ. President Holland was being driven to a conference when the driver saw that his head was bobbing in exhaustion when he asked president Holland, "how is it that you keep going? Can´t you rest?" A change occured in Presidents posture as he sat up straight, looked at the driver and said, "I will serve the lord until my final breath."

As our Leaders are physically working with little rest, We can not rest spiritually! As we do so we become spiritually weak. Don´t Rest! :) There is not time or reason to rest. The Lord will strengthen us and will be there for us. It will be difficult just like anything else in life but I testify of the happiness and peace that comes. There is no greater reward :D
This week was awesome. We found alot of new investigators and there is little progression but that is ok! I continue to work in faith and I continue to work hard. It is the best! :)
The mission is the greatest! I will always love it!
Until next week,
Love, Elder Powell

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