Monday, October 14, 2013

Hola mis Amigos :D

Hey! This Elder Powell again! :) How is the world doin these days.

 It has been quite the week this week! Lots of people are going to be transferred this wednesday and they are also going to open THREE new areas in our Zone :D Busy Busy! Our zone has 15 companionships now!! It is the biggest Zone in our mission! I´m also going to receive a new companion who is from Mexico. Elder Rojas. We served in the same zone when I first started the mission. He has 9 months in the mission. So young we are :) But I am super Excited. 
We also had a zone conference on saturday that was combined with the Mission president and the Stake president and sus consejeros. They are super inspired and talked to us about the growth we are going to see in these next few months. We are opening areas, building more capillas and sending more missionaries. They had a great vision and we were all filled with such purpose. I love the urgency of it all.

We also set three fechas this week! It was a miracle week. Really! I am super excited for them. One is this boy who had discussions with jehova´s witnesses and decided they weren´t true and we found him right after he dropped them. The other two are a couple! So sweet :)
One huge blessing we saw this week was someone we found yesterday after church. David is his name. We had talked to him about 2 weeks ago and had kind of forgotten about him but we finally set up a time to stop by him. He is 28, believes in god, lives alone, doesn´t smoke, a clean cut guy, lived in Florida for 8 years, and has never belonged to or even been taught by anyone of any religion in his house. 
He accepted everything we taught and he was so open to the ideas. He was very prepared. :) I am super excited to go back.

We have started the Book of mormon as a mission again and this past week I was readng about lehis dream ín the book of mormon. It is when Nephi was having the vision actually of the tree. Anyway this was my experience:
I was reading and trying to apply all the sybolism and everything to our investigators. But I got super frustrated because it was about to explain a part of the dream and its sybolism. like the fruit, or the building, or the iron Rod, but then it started talking about christ! And i was like, What the heck! So I was wondering why it was talking about christ. When you read it, Nephi asks a question and then the spirit says "look" and Nephi sees a part of christ´s life and then the spirit tells nephi what theparts of the dream represent. I learned that every single part of jesus christ´s life can be related to the dream of Lehi! Christ being born and living as a GIFT, like the fruit. Christ heals the people and then it talks about the healing fountain. Christ speaks and teaches the people and then it talks about the iron rod. The people persecute jesus and then it talks about the people in the great and spacious building persecuting those that have partaken of the fruit. Christ is crucified and there are tumultuous quaking and then it talks about the great fall of the building. It was dark for three days and then it talks of the mists of darkness in the dream. Maybe everyone knows that but it was really cool to read through the whole dream and then read of the life of Christ. :) 
So.... Keep reading the scriptures and every part of the book relates to Christ :) 

The Mission is the greatest! I love you guys.

Love Elder Powell

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