Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hello :)

Well hi family :) 
Rachel is driving!!!??? Oh. My. Gosh! I saw the picture and it is crazy to think that she is driving! 

This week was a little hard actually, ha. I just felt super unorganized and I wasn´t focused on my purpose that well! With the transfers it was hard to get into a good rythm with my new companion. We both have different ethics in working so we had to compromise a ton! We both just weren´t on the same page. We are both great missionaries and love the work but we learned alot about being exactly unified in purpose. 

Also we had two day intercambios with the assistants and traveling was killer! But that was super fun. The AP who came to work with me used to serve here so we worked super well!

Everything is good now and I feel so excited to work this transfer. My faith is fortifed, our purpose is one and we are ready to see miracles! I love alicante so much! 

We found this african family and they have two kids of age 5 years and the other, 8 months and they are the cutest kids ever. I´m being serious! But they are awesome to teach :)

We are also coming up on three baptisms! The 9th of november! One couple is getting their marriage papers tomorrow, getting married this weekend and then being baptized the next week!! :D SOOO COOL

The ward is growing a ton too!! We have been working with a lot of young single adults and we are in the process of rescuing three. 1 of them wants to serve a mission and it is so awesome to see the power of the spirit. 

Ok cool miracle time:)
We had our reunion de correlacion with our leaders and we decided we were going to fast together for a couple of families and the obra misional. In total we were about 25! Started Saturday and finished Sunday. So on Sunday right at the end of our fast who walked into the Church.. the father and son (aren´t members) of a part member family who we were fasting for! They haven´t been to church in.... well, Never. He came to see his other son be ordained as the teachers quorum presdent and the spirit was super strong!! They invited us to come by this coming thursday!! :D Blessings are coming! :)

The Mission is awesome! Things are good :) I love the mission!
Elder Powell

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