Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My Companions are the Best!

Hi Family! 3 National Parks!? Are there going to be any cool things left to do by the time I get back? ;D

This week has been great! Lots of learning, lots of change, and a few let downs.
At the beginning of the week we pretty much passed by a lot of people that Elder Merchan wanted to say goodbye to before he left for sevilla. So we had a ton of eating citas! 3 in one day! It was hard to say goodbye to Elder Merchan, but I also feel super good about the change:) My new companion, like I said, is from Mexico!  3 of my 5 companions have been Natives and I love it. He has already taught me so much. He really knows how to LOVE everyone. I don´t know how he does it but he is patient and loving. I think the lord has given me something to work on for now :P

This past friday and saturday we worked with president in our area! That was freaking crazy! I felt a little stressed out but we had a ton of great lessons! He taught everyone so boldly and wasn´t afraid to ask people to repent of their sins. He literally cried repentance to everyone we met. He knew the happiness it would bring and knew how to show people that. He has set a new standard for me. I love the progression that keeps coming every week for me to work on! Oh we also set a fecha with someone... well he set a fecha with someone.

Story: So we were teaching this guy named Antonio and the spririt was super strong and I invited him to be baptized and he started laughing and wiggling his finger at me "no no no" :) Then president said, " I have a better question. Will you pray to know if you should be baptized? And when you receive your answer that you need to be, will you be baptized?" And of course antonio said yes. then my companion told him that we knew he could prepared by the 23rd of noviembre. Once again he laughed and wiggled his finger, "no no no, I wont set a date" ha. What did president say? "I have a better question, will you pray about being baptized on the 23rd? And when you receive your answer that you need to be, will you be baptized on the 23rd?" And he said yes. Pretty sweet stuff.

This weekend we also had stake conference and this setenta named Elder  Herbertson from scotland to speak to us. It was amazing! Super spiritual and super motivating. He taught us a lot about Hope and Faith! He described the literal power of Faith and how hope is tied to faith. I can´t remember everything he said and I don´t have my notes with me but I can bear testimony of the feelings I felt and that faith can work miracles.
How do we gain faith? Yep, all the little things :) Start small, work dilligently, and see the change in your life for the better. If you ever feel like things are bad or there is no hope or you wish you could feel a little happier; Have faith, Have hope! Say your prayers, read the words of christ and watch you life be blessed :)
I know Christ Lives. He is our saviour. There is no other way to happiness.
I love the mission! I love the people! I love the work! 
Elder Powell
1 Nefi 21:15-16

P.S The photos are from this farm cabin place of a member :) 

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