Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy November

Hey Family!
Wow i loved the video! How did you do that?
And Rachel I´m praying for snow here too :P There is an area close by that sometimes snows, and if it snows I am will get to go and see it :D And I am super excited for some packages :)
I kind of have some sad news. That family of six that our campions found from ecuador who were going to be baptized..... well it was all a joke :( They pulled a prank on us. It was very rude! So we won´t be having that baptism. But there was a baptism last weekend so it´s alright!

More awesome Miracles too. That girl Monica who was the sister of Beatrice (Bea) came to church! (She is the one who´s sister shared the experience of praying with her and it touched her soul.) So We called her. She was super close by and came! We showed her around and was telling us how she didn´t really believe in god that much and she thought it would just be fun to come. At the end of the tour though we prayed with her and she started crying and was super touched. Great experience! We plan on teaching her tomorrow :D
We also had this lesson with Janeth and she is having a test for cancer today and at the end of the lesson we offered to give her a blessing and she really wanted one. She wants to be baptized on december 6th :)
Alicante is on a spiritual high right now.
We were kind of disappointed that the couple we taught last saturday and then came the very next day, decided they aren´t very interested. But we are still trying to go by them.

Something that has stood out to me this past week was the power of giving thanks to the lord. Our area has been booming as far as finding and having investigators who are prepared and then continue on to be baptized. I was thinking as to why this has been happening and we have been doing everything the same except for one thing. After every lesson or after finding someone or when someone accepts baptism, we have given thanks to the lord after in prayer. It is very humbling to thank him and tell him that we know it was only through his help that we had done what we did. As we have done this he just keeps giving us more and more people. it is very joyous. Prayer is powerful in all aspects. But remember to give thanks for the things that perhaps you have prayed for, and then gotten. Don´t be the nine lepers!

This week has been a blast! The work is amazing. The growth is fantastic. I love the mission!

Love Elder Powell :)

Here is the video he is referring to.  You might notice his ear wiggling.  Hahahahaha

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