Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day Dad! Its kind of sad that we dont get to talk to our fathers on fathers day, but I guess its ok though! I hope you have the best fathers day Ever! Love you.

Ok so this week was quite good! For one thing we found 5 new investigators! That was a definite plus! 3 of them are from Paraguay. Paraguayans are the best. So open to the spirit. Also we found this lady who had to flee from the ivory coast. Her culture is very strange there, but she pretty much left everything and came so she wouldnt be killed. Very sad story. But she is here with her 10 month old and she has found the happiest message in the World :) Christ lives and has restored his church on the earth so we can be happy and return to live with him! :D Can´t get much better than that!

Little bit of sad news. The perfect spanish investigator named Manuel, who has already finished doctrine and covenants and is asking for a patriarchal blessing.... can´t get baptized on friday because he didn´t come to church on sunday! He only has to wait an extra 3 more days though. He is going to be baptized on sunday  after church! :) I´m so excited for him it is rediculous. And my companion will be baptizing him!

Oh we also had a baptism for this nigerian guy and it was all in English, which was really weird actually... but after his baptism he just gave me the biggest hug and said,¨I feel so clean.¨ It was so simple but so pure, I can´t describe the feelings. I wish everyone could feel and share that.

The Spirit is powerful and really can let you know ALL things. All. It says it in the scriptures but I never really tested it out. Its true though :) You should test it too.

So yeah! The mission is still the greatest! And still hardest thing ever! I love it.

Love, Elder Powell
 P.S. Today we went inside a castle! It was pretty amazing!

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