Monday, June 3, 2013

Trial of My Faith

Don´t Ever Pray for hard things to happen!! God will give you trials if you ask them. So don´t do it. Ever!!!
Hello mom, dad, jared and tori, rachel, rebecca, tanner, adam and any other person reading this :) This week was fantastically hard! You know how I was talking about prayer in one of my other emails and how the lord answers prayers? Yeah, so I was pretty much praying and telling the lord how easy it has been to find prepared people who will just get baptized after the first lesson, bad idea. (Of course we find these people after hours of tireless work contacting and asking for references and teaching) 
I then prayed that I wanted to find people who weren´t so prepared and that I would actually have to work to get them baptized. Soo the lord answered my prayer this past week..... No investigators came to church. We only found one new investigator and we had to drop like three other investigators! One lady that we set a baptismal date with has suddenly become uninterested. And to top it off Our miracle investigator we found last week dropped us, through text, during church. By that point it seemed like a huge joke :P
I learned alot about the lords will, and the response of a loving father to a faithful son. I was humbled and I know how to find new people to teach now. I will always work hard and I will always trust in the lord like I have been doing..... I just won´t be praying for challenges any time in the near future :P i have decided that I am going to ask the lord for miracles and blessings instead.
I´ve been doing a lot of praying since then. :) We got our miracle investigator back and we have received a few references since then.
Another side story. I don´t think spaniards like american culture. So last P-day we rented out a soccer field for an hour to play some softball. We set up all the bases and we got about ten minutes into the game when the manager came out and said we couldn´t play baseball. So we changed to kickball and barely even allowed that! It was really funny though because none of the spanish missionaries knew any of the rules! After we went and had a barbecue in front of the senior couples piso and the cops got called on us for the barbecue smoke bothering someone! they were given a ticket and we were asked to leave :/ Haha it makes a great story though!
The mission is the greatest! The lord is helping us each day and I know he is watching over us. Have a great week!
Love Elder Powell
PS We have begun to create lightsabers (wha....wha..... WOOOO)

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