Thursday, June 13, 2013


Hi family! So transfers were yesterday and I am still in malaga and I´m Still training. But now I am also district leader! I have a feeling the mission isn´t ever going to get easy :P But it will always be satisfying! I´m kind of excited but also nervous. It´s going to be great though. If the Lord calls me i know I can do it. :) It makes things alot easier when you realize who is the one making the callings.
This week has been very interesting. So first, one of our investigators went to jail. That was not good. She was there for one day because she resisted the police. Anyway we decided to drop her. I think it was a good choice. :) Right now we literally have one investigator. I don´t know what happened either. We had 14 as of two weeks ago and now we have one. All of our zone is like that. I don´t know what the lord is trying to teach us but we have been humbled. It is going to be a good week as we once again start over with a clean slate and start harvesting :)
Crazy story time: So we are teaching this recent convert and His wife is an investigator. So we are there teaching her when Alberto the recent convert says he is feeling sick. (Hes about 60) So he walks out of the room and I get this bad feeling. We hear him start shuffling really fast and then we hear a knock and a thud. We all jump up and there he is passed out in the hallway and his two 30ish year old sons trying to help him up. I thought he was dead. Which honestly i wasn´t too worried about since we know about the whole plan of salvation thing. Anyway they lift him up when he passes out again. Now this is where chaos breaks loose. Conchi goes hysteric and runs into her room screaming. The one son who catches him looks like he is having his final moments with his father. I don´t know what was going through his head. The other brother was yelling for someone to call 061 emergency when he had the phone in his hand and the member who was with us got all of her stuff and left. Then there was me and elder buckway standing quite calmly as we watched everything happen haha :) Everything turned out fine and he was just low on sugar. But it was a strange experience to see the reactions of his family who weren´t members of the church. If he was dead that was it for them. They would never see him again. I really am glad to know about this gospel.
Oh elder buckway got offered drugs. We left that area pretty fast after that :D
This weekend we had stake conference in Granada. That was really cool. A member of the seventy over the europe are came and spoke to us. It was great because they talked about the role of the priesthood in the family which was perfect for our one investigator who was there. Also they talked about the process of a seed  and faith growing. I always forget how basic the gospel is. If we feel like we don´t have faith or we don´t know how to grow faith, well Alma 32-34 is perfect. I am going work on strengthening my faith. The scriptures are the best! They have answers to literally everything!
I love you all! The mission is the greatest!
Love Elder Powell

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