Monday, May 27, 2013

Oposicion en todas las Cosas :D

Hi fam bam :)

This week has been awesome! It has been great to see the lord strngthen me and my companion in all that we do. The reason that I titled this opposicion in all things is because this week our # 1 investigator dropped us. It was quite disapointing. We did all that we could and he even knew that he needed to be baptized. But he pretty much said he couldn´t live the standards. We told him about repentance and the beauty of forgiveness. Also we taught about the gift of the spirit and how he would be so much happier and have a better life. But, he used his agency and said he didn´t want that. :( It was very sad. We had been teaching him for two weeks.

Guess what happened the next day though. A flippin saweet miracle :D A guy named Manuel called us and said, ¨Hi, I´d like to meet with you. I found your website and am ready to be taught about this churh.¨ Yeah, I´m pretty sure the Lord is the greatest person ever. We have been working so hard and the lord gave us someone in the least expected way ever! :) So we taught him and he agreed to be baptized! He is so prepared and just such a normal person. I say normal because he has a job, a family, is about 40 and is doing well in life. (You don´t really find that here in spain) In the lesson though he said, Ï don´t know why but about three months ago after 30 years of not having interest in religion, I had a distinct impression to start looking and I found your website.¨ It´s almost too good so we will see what happens with him :)

I love the mission. I want to say it again :) I LOVE the mission! Can I tell you why?

I like the mission because I love learning the ways that the lord works. It has been interesting to watch as we serve and do the hard, tiring work and THEN see the tender mercies. Time and time again the lord has answered my prayers. They haven´t been miraculous answers but they have been miraculous to me. I haven´t had an unanswered prayer yet. I have learned how to recognize the spirit. That is what I have treasured the most. I have also learned to be obedient to those promptings. That has been a harder one to master but I have had some great experiences in doing so.

I can´t wait for this next week. It´s challenging, exhausting, and lots of work. But it is the work of the Lord. Isn´t that awesome! Woo.

Um that about wraps it up. :) Love you all!
Love Elder Powell 

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