Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Oct. 20, 2014 - Week 104 .... final week of proselyting!

Hello Family!
Well this is it. 7 Days of crazy hard work left! It´s gonna be a good week!

This past week the Lord has blessed us so much. We were introduced to three friends of members and all three of them are solid! We started using the prayer list for all of our investigators and they are progressing rapidly! I love it :) I don´t think we will have a baptism before I leave... :( but it is great to see so many people coming unto Christ! We also had an activity in the mountains on Saturday and that was amazing!! We hiked, saw the sunrise, hiked to a cave and it was all the young adults in our branch as well as an Investigator! Good Times :D
This week is a week of finding and as a mission we want to find 888 new investigators! Pray for us :)
I don´t really know what to say right now sooo.....
I´ll write my last letter next week.:)
Love Elder Powell

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