Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Oct. 13, 2014 - More General Authorities!

Hello hello :)
This week has been great! We have found a few new families and they are awesome! One of them is a dominican Family! We started a family scripture study for 20 minutes a day with them. They are awesome. The mom really wants their family to be eternal. It all starts with prayer, scripture study and church.
We also saw a little miracle with the brother of a less active lady we met this week. Ok so first you need to know that our church is in Alcázar. He lives about 45 minutes north in Socuellamos, but is now living for a time 30 minutes east in Villafranca. So we go by Beatrces house in Villafranca and meet Marcos the brother. He told us that just yesterday he had met an older missionary couple in Alcázar and he had seen an anouncement for our english classes as well. Then, While talking we come to find out that three months ago he sold a car to a member family who needed a car to come to church. They live up in Socuellamos. 

So basically this man had contact with the church like 5 times in 3 different pueblos that have thousands of people where there are only 35 members..... He will now be hearing the missionaries three times a week, coming to english classes and coming to church with his sister. Talk about prepared!!

I love the gospel! We sure have a perfect Father in Heaven who is working WITH us :)
Also a seventy came on saturday and Sunday and gave some great talks about member missionary stories! It got me pumped up! But he mentioned three points that will strengthen the work of Salvation. 

FIRST: Family home evening with missionaries and Investigators at least twice a month. He said that in the summers he was having up to 2 family nights with the missionaries a week! It will strengthen yourself,  your family, ward and investigators.

SECOND: Tell your ward missionary your availability during the week to work with the missionaries.
THIRD: Have a MIGHTY prayer once a week for all those in the world who don´t believe and need to find the missionaries.

LAST: (This is more the missionaries part but maybe you can let your missionaries know) Prayer name by name, each day, as family for every investigator that the missionaries are teaching. They should give out a small list every Sunday to evry member.

Talk about Unity right! :)

I LOVE being a missionary! Be the Lord´s hands and feet. Live worthily and just be HAPPY :D

Lots of love. Elder Powell

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