Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Holidays - December 30, 2013

Hello Familia!
It was awesome talking to you guys on Christmas!! Since then not alot has happened but we finally had a baptism on Saturday! It was for Nancy! I was so happy! Her husband didn´t get baptized but we will be working with him. ;) 
It was perfect. I got to confirm her the next day and it was very precious. Afterwards she told me she was glad I was able to wash her with the power of the Holy Ghost. It was kind of funny but true :)

This Girl we are teaching right now wants to be baptized this Saturday. The only thing is that she has to quit smoking... We gave her a blessing today and I know that is going to really help her! She has to quit before wednesday. Pray for her :) I know she will be baptized I just hope it is this week because the next week I think I am going to be transferred...
So we´ll see how that goes :) 
The mission is the greatest! I love it :)
Elder Powell

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